About Us

At Canglow, there are two things we value above all else. The first is giving your home the absolute best – whether in terms of quality, service, or aesthetics. Our other priority, and one that we take great pride in as well – is local manufacturing. At a time when Canadian industry is at risk from cheap, tawdry imports, we feel proud to say that all our windows, doors and fenestration units are manufactured with care and diligence here in Edmonton.

We are committed to being Green, and environmental sustainability is part of our core ethics as a company. To this end, we have set up our own recycling unit where we recycle 100% of our reused material – we know how much reducing our carbon footprint matters, and corporate conscience is not just a buzzword here at Canglow. To ensure your health and safety, we make our windows with 100% lead-free uPVC, so that you never have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your home. The latest advances in German engineering are what guide our design and build processes, so you can rest assured that your windows and doors will remain air and watertight for years to come. Your satisfaction and comfort are our first priority after all.

All our products are Energy star and BBB rated, naturally – because all these would just be empty words if our fenestration units weren’t energy efficient. If you seek to build or renovate your home holistically, we too care about maintaining that sense of balance and natural order. We pay personal attention to our manufacturing and installation processes, because homes are personal, homes are cared for. After all, you wouldn’t want your life to unfold somewhere impersonal and cold, would you? That’s why we are here – to make that difference, the Canglow difference.