Benefits of Casement Windows

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Casement windows are a popular choice with most home owners owing to several advantages it has as compared to its counterparts. These windows are large and open up completely either inward or outward with the help of hinges that are fitted to the sides vertically. They can be installed as a standalone window or be a part of bay and bow windows or can be installed in a pair, entirely depending upon where they are being fitted. They can be fitted at any place in a home but work best for areas that need ample ventilation and natural light. We discuss some benefits of casement windows here: 1. Ease of operation Casement windows can be easily maneuvered with the help of either latches, handles or cranks that are fitted at hand heights. They have glass panes fitted on vinyl or aluminum frames and are snugly fit. They can also have automatic locks or openers for safety and security. 2. More ventilation Casement windows allow abundant ventilation since they can be fully opened. They are attached on hinges only on one side letting the window wide open from top, bottom and one side. This is especially helpful in areas like kitchens, toilets, attics, etc. where more ventilation and natural light are needed. This is also very beneficial in summer months where inflow of fresh air is much needed. 3. Energy efficient These windows are very energy efficient and they prevent exchange of air, assisting in maintaining indoor temperatures irrespective of outdoor climatic conditions. These windows can be used to create an air tight space as the window sashes press against the frame tightly creating a seal when closed. 4. Economical These windows are an economical and affordable option for most home owners. One can buy and install such windows even on a tight budget without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. 5. Enhanced security Casement windows have unique locks that are embedded in the frame itself making it impossible to tamper from outside. Multi point locking systems or automatic locks are also an option with these windows making a home more secure and safer. 6. Variety and designs Casement windows come in a variety of designs and grille options aided with various features. They come in perfect fits, precise size and desired colors as most manufacturers offer customized versions. They have glass panes that come with frames made of either vinyl or aluminum. One can also choose accessories like sashes, cranks or handles, grilles etc. for enhanced aesthetic appeal. 7. Fully open window Casement windows can be opened fully as compared to others. No other window can be swung open as much as these irrespective of whether it is a standalone window or anything else. With so many positives, casement windows are a well-liked choice for most home owners across Canada.

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