Top Reasons Why You Should Use Awning Windows

Although awning windows do not differ significantly from traditional casement windows, the element that makes them a modern, fresh, and unique option for any homeowner is that they pivot on hinges mounted on top of the frame, while casement windows have hinges installed on the sides. By making this simple change in window design, professionals are now able to offer a more environmentally friendly solution to homeowners while catering to all things fresh and contemporary.

Awning windows for home

Not sure if awning windows are a good fit for your home? Familiarizing yourself with the pros and cons of the product will undoubtedly convince you to call an awning window retailer today!

There are an overwhelming amount of advantages to switching to awning windows; a few of these include:

  1. Proper ventilation: Unlike any other type of window installation, the fact that awning windows can be placed at different heights in a wall makes them excellent for ventilation. When installed high, these windows provide ample ventilation and natural light into spaces that would otherwise be dark or subject to moisture-related damage (such as a bathroom or kitchen). Being able to choose where you place your window allows you to account for specific design aspects in your space, such as art, furniture placement, and more!
  1. Moisture protection: As mentioned above, awning windows are ideal for the bathroom, but are also designed to withstand wet climates due to their weather-conscious construction. So, if you find yourself living in a coastal environment or an area that generally experiences high humidity, installing awning windows in your home can help protect against outside moisture while the top-opening design directs water away from your home, allowing you the luxury of leaving your windows open in inclement weather.
  1. Create a modern look: If you are looking to update the look of your home, awning windows will give it that modern, contemporary look that you are going for. Manufacturers offer a range of custom awning windows to enhance the unique look of your home. With a variety of textures and materials to choose from, awning windows allow homeowners the luxury of mixing and matching their windows with the interior and exterior facade of their home.
  1. Environmentally conscious: Since most awning windows are constructed using energy efficient Low-E glass, they are equipped to keep heat out during the summer and keep the cold out in the winter. With this updated technology, you no longer have to worry about wasting energy on other expensive cooling or heating sources like fans, heaters, or air conditioners. Besides saving money, awning windows help you do your part in protecting the environment. Installing awning windows in your home is an easy way for you to put a “green foot” forward!
  1. Versatility: Besides saving you money on your energy bill, another great way to save with awning windows is their versatility. These windows can be installed in your pre-existing window frames and are easily adapted with some work in combination with different window styles (casements, bay windows, picture windows, and more!).

A few of the problems with awning windows include:

  1. High-traffic hazard: If an awning window overlooks a sidewalk, deck, porch, or terrace, someone can easily walk into the window’s jutting glass. If you are scared of clothes-lining your kid, then maybe awning windows aren’t for you, at least for windows in low-lying areas.
  1. Require frequent washing: The glass on an awning window opens at a slant which exposes the glass to all kinds of dust and debris that other window styles don’t experience. For this reason, awning windows, more than any other type of window, require frequent cleaning to keep them sparkling.
  1. Difficult escape route: Since screens and storm windows are often mounted on the inside of awning windows, the possibility for a quick getaway in the event of an emergency (such as a fire) is compromised. The silver lining to this potential hazard is that the construction of awning windows means that forced home entry is made equally as tricky. As long as your home has adequate and accessible escape routes, installing awning windows should not be a problem.

Styles and Types
Like any window, the cost of an awning window depends on multiple factors, such as size, material, and what company you choose to shop with. Based on these factors alone, a good quality awning window can cost anywhere from $300-$1000 dollars. Remember, not every awning is made the same. The best thing you can do is shop around, talk to manufacturers, and pick a window (whether it is steel, wood, PVC, or fibreglass) that is going to fit with your home and your vision.

There are few disadvantages to installing awning windows in your home. With the money you will save when you switch to a modern, environmentally friendly home, you will be able to live your best life possible.

If you are interested in talking to a professional about installing awning windows in your home, call Canglow Windows and Doors today at (780) 761-2161 or, for more information, contact us today!

Best Security Screen Doors for Double-Entry that Will Make Your Home Safer

The safest place in the world, you may feel, is your own home. After all, the news is constantly filled with murders, shootings, and other violent situations. Because of the emerging threats outside your door, you may begin to feel that your even own home isn’t the safest place for you and your family anymore. Break-ins are just as common as anything else going on in the world. While you may feel that your neighbourhood is safe, you could actually be sitting in a prime location for a desperate burglar to come looking for something they can steal.

Security screen doors that will make your home safer

While a security system can certainly alert you to any attempted intruder, it doesn’t necessarily help you at the moment, that is, unless your security system comes equipped with a laser trap. As such, when that moment arrives, you’re probably going to feel helpless while this potentially violent criminal loots your home. You may find yourself hiding in the closet with your family in order to protect them. All of your hopes rest with the swift response of law enforcement.

Instead of relying on a security system and hoping that the police arrive in time, you can take measures to protect your home right now. The best defence is to ensure that the criminal can’t access your home in the first place. After all, if they can’t get inside, then they don’t pose a threat, and you and your family can sleep soundly through the night. One of the best decisions you can make to fortify your home is to trust in the doors and windows that you’ve installed.

Security and Quality Assured

Obviously, when you buy any product that is crafted for security, you want to make sure that it is of the highest quality. After all, a cheap door or window isn’t probably going to stand up much against an assault. When it comes to the safety of your family, you want the best.

Secure doors don’t have to be unattractive either. Who says you can’t have an aesthetically pleasing security door while ensuring the safety of your family at the same time? Too often, when someone thinks about security doors, they think of steel-forged, ugly doors that look as though they should be attached to a bunker. Today you can find a wide variety of doors and even screen doors that all look as though they’re actually supposed to belong to a home. More than that, if you have a specific aesthetic in mind, you can often have custom windows and doors designed to make that dream a reality.

This is especially important for homeowners who wish to someday sell their home. An ugly door — especially a front door — could detract from a potential buyer’s first impression of the property. First impressions are extremely important when it comes to selling your home, and if your front door is unpleasant to look at, then you can be sure that people are going to just walk on by to the next home. Make sure you find a supplier who can offer those potential buyers increased security of their home and a great look.

Green and Greener

Another important element to consider when selecting security doors and windows is remaining green. With the environment currently under attack it’s our duty to shoulder some of the responsibility and ensure that we choose green manufacturing methods. Choose doors that are built in such a way to be highly energy efficient. Too often, doors are not fitted correctly or just use poor materials that allow cold or hot air to escape.

As such, in the hot summer months, you find yourself running your air conditioning unit practically nonstop. You could be unaware that it is because all of that cool air is actually being leaked outside of your home through the cracks of your door. The same occurs during the winter months, except that it is valuable warm air that you are losing. By installing high-efficiency doors, you may even notice that your energy bill decrease. Not only does this save you money, but it also helps the environment by reducing the amount of energy that you’re using to heat or cool your home.

One last aspect we have personally taken to make our production greener, is installing our own recycling center. Through this center, we recycle 100% of our used material. We’re also mindful of what goes into our materials. Our windows, for example, are 100% lead-free uPVC, so you don’t have to worry about potentially hazardous chemicals that are being leaked into your home.

Keep Your Family Safe

The best way to keep your family safe during a potential attack or attempted burglary is to ensure that the entry points of your home are reinforced. Make sure your screen door or doors can stand up to an attempted break-in. This can be done without sacrificing the aesthetically pleasing exterior of your home. Whether you want to select a door from ‘off-the-shelf’ or have a custom one built just for your home, do your research to be sure that you’re receiving the best service and materials.

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9 Ways to Spruce up Your Patio

Summertime is all about being outdoors. For those who’d rather stay home than head out to a crowded beach, a beautiful patio is even better. Whether you have a large deck or small seating area, there’s nothing like the privacy of your own backyard. The summer months are the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor space. The dirty work of spring cleaning is behind you, the patio furniture’s already been dragged out, and your lawn is the greenest it’s ever been.

Ways To Spruce Up Your Patio

So, transform your boring patio into an oasis that’s perfect for entertaining and relaxation. Here are 9 ways to enhance the space and really make it a summer hangout!

Add colour with flowers

Add pops of colour to your patio with lush green plants and seasonal flowers. You can arrange them however you’d like. If you enjoy the look of container shrubs, purchase a couple of big urns and place them on the patio’s entryway. Azalea, Boxwood, and Camellia grow very well in containers with minimal maintenance. Meanwhile, taller shrubs are perfect for creating privacy and division.

Consider buying a long balcony rail planter for a decorative look all season long. These planters can be filled with your favourite flowers and then clipped to your fence or deck railing. Add a couple of large hanging baskets near the patio door to tie the look together. Colourful blossoms like petunias, geraniums, and begonias are ideal.

For those who don’t have the time for maintenance, artificial flowers are also an option. Opt for products made in UV protected silk so they won’t get discoloured by the sun.

Water, water everywhere

If you love the sound of a babbling brook or the tinkling of a fountain, a water feature could be the perfect addition. Bring tranquility to your patio and unwind after a stressful day. The best thing about water features is that they can be as simple or elaborate as you like – small enough to sit on a tabletop, or large enough to be a standalone attraction.

For an Asian-inspired theme, choose a fountain with cascading rocks. For a more majestic feel, there is the decorative lion’s head with a water spout that is always a classic. Today’s water features also come with LED lights for a warm glow during the evening hours. If you’re worried about energy consumption, get a solar-powered model instead.

Install new patio doors

Sometimes the best way to instantly improve your patio is to invest in a new set of doors. When you have guests over, first impressions make all the difference. The entryway leading out to the deck will be the first thing people see, so wow them with patio doors made of high-quality materials.

With a customized solution, you can get doors that fit in nicely with the interior and exterior of your home. If your home is built with light-coloured materials, choose black patio doors for a beautiful, strong contrast. And don’t forget to ask about energy-efficient models that will help you save on heating costs. Strong lock features for added safety are important as well.

Invest in new furniture

The standard outdoor dining table with six chairs is certainly a must-have for summer BBQs. But today’s patio sets feature lots of creative configurations. If you have space, consider adding in some new pieces to spice up the area. Invest in comfy club seating with a few side tables, or a roomy L-shaped sectional with a large glass coffee table.

The best patios bring that indoor living room feel to the outside. So, think of your deck as more than just a space for BBQing. Treat it as an extension of your indoor space and you can’t go wrong. For a nice touch, throw in an outdoor rug to pull the look together.

Accessorize with accents

When it comes to the perfect patio, it’s the details that matter. Accent cushions and umbrellas in bright colours can really make space come alive. Get pieces with dark navy stripes and anchor decals for a fun nautical theme, or chair cushions in an aqua blue that feel like a vacation in Aruba. Make sure to match your patio cushions and umbrella for a uniform look. Oversized umbrellas not only offer plenty of shade but make good statement pieces too.

Light up the night

There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying your patio on a starry night. For a touch of luxury, enhance your experience with outdoor lighting. If you love to entertain, soft lanterns and creative string lights are perfect for evening gatherings. They’re not only convenient, but mood-enhancing too. Runner lights are good for illuminating walkways and accentuating your garden. If you have a covered patio, hang a large outdoor chandelier for added glam.

Make an entrance

Make your patio a destination by giving it its own entrance. Sure, this could be a plain metal gate or some picket fencing. But why not create something more charming? A pretty arbor can act as a focal point and make a real statement. The secret is to blend it into your landscape by adding climbing plants and flowers in soft colours.

Create a cheerful corner

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sip your morning coffee in a secluded section of your patio? Create a colourful corner in a shaded area by the garden where you can contemplate and relax. To make the spot more inviting, add a table for two plus some cheerful linens.

Raise the roof

Too much sun can be a downer, so why not create a shady oasis? You could implement a covered patio by putting a canopy over it. No matter what your budget, there are many structures out there at various price points. Opt for a simple portable unit that you can fold away when not in use. Or splurge on a large pavilion that can be used as an outdoor dining area.

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The man replacing damaged door lying on an exterior patio

4 Tips for Replacing your Patio Doors

Replacing Patio Doors

Replacing or installing new patio doors in your home does not need to be a stressful experience. By swapping out your outdated, boring patio doors, you can revitalize the look and feel of your home. Not only will this breath new life into your living room, dining room, or kitchen, but modern door and window replacements can also help reduce your energy usage.

Thanks to their superior seals, modern doors help maintain the temperature of your home by preventing heat or cool air from escaping. As a result, it will cost less to heat or cool your home, which can even improve the value of your house. Here are four tips to help you through your patio door replacement:

  1. Embrace natural light

    Natural light is one of the easiest ways to make a small space look massive. Adding natural light can brighten up a room, making it feel more comfortable and welcoming. For home buyers in Canada, natural light is a crucial concern. By choosing a glass sliding patio door, you will maximize the amount of light that comes into your home. Sliding glass doors offer a simple aesthetic that embraces natural light and outdoor views over wooden doors, which block out much of the natural light that comes through.

    For darker, north-facing rooms, sliding glass doors can maximize the amount of light that comes into your home, offering a bright and vibrant atmosphere perfect for your family. When it comes time to sell your home, lots of natural light can only increase the value of your home and improve the chances of a sale.

  2. Get a free consultation

    Especially if you are exploring the possibility of custom doors, it is important that you get a free consultation with a professional door and window company. At Canglow, we offer free consultation services for every client and every project. After you contact us with an idea of what you are looking for, we will do a free consult at your house – this allows us to examine the current door and see what is best suited for your space. We will then take the necessary measurements and work with you to explore all of your options.

    Our trained professionals are experts in window and door installation, so we can ensure your new doors are installed with precision and on your schedule. With our help, your doors will have a perfect seal, preventing heat or A/C from escaping, offering a chic aesthetic and practical benefits for your family. For more information about our door installation services, explore our website here.

  3. Think about space

    One mistake homeowners make is that they choose their new patio doors based on a picture in a catalogue or on the web. Unfortunately, while a door may look nice on its own, there are a variety of factors that must be considered when choosing a new door. Beyond natural light, you must also consider the natural space around your door. If your dining room is quite small and you are looking to replace the patio door to make the room seem bigger, a sliding glass door is perfect. Not only does it maximize the presence of natural light, but the sliding design also takes up the least amount of space in your home, compared to doors that open on a hinge.

    If your dining room is quite large and bright already, maybe you can explore the possibility of gorgeous French doors with nice windows, which would also offer natural light but contributes its own charming look to the aesthetic of your room. By considering all of these factors, you can find a door that both looks fantastic and feels like it was custom-designed for your home.

  4. Choose the right door for you

    There are countless design options for patio doors, so you need to find the one that is perfect for your home and your family. For dog-owners, incorporating a doggy-door might be a necessary investment. For families with young children, a sliding glass door with multiple locks and stoppers can help prevent your kids from going outside on their own. Sliding doors versus hinged designs; all-glass versus wood with windows;energy efficiency versus practicality and convenience: choosing the right door for your family can be overwhelming.

    Your family is unique, and our trained installation professionals will work with you to find the best patio door setup for your needs. Beyond the patio door itself, you also want to consider what best matches the current doors and windows in your home. Do you plan on replacing your other windows and doors to match, or would you rather find patio doors that match the current aesthetic? All of these factors must be considered when you replace your patio doors. At Canglow, our dedicated staff are happy to work with you from consultation to installation to ensure you find the perfect door for your needs. For more information about our patio door options, check out our website.

Choosing the right patio doors for your home can be a stressful and confusing process. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to find what is the right fit for your home and your family. At Canglow Windows and Doors, we offer our expertise to help you with this decision. Not only can we find the right doors for your home and install them on your schedule, but we can also help you coordinate window replacements and repairs. Ensuring your doors and windows match can be a great way to improve the aesthetic of your home, and adding energy-efficient doors and windows can even increase the value of your home.

For more information about custom windows and doors for your home, contact Canglow Windows and Doors at 587-409-0984 or visit our website here.

Benefits of Replacing Sash Windows with Casement Windows

So, you’ve decided to replace the windows in your house. If you’re like most people, you probably have questions as to the best strategy. Maybe you have no idea about the different kinds of windows, or perhaps you figure you’ll just replace them with the kind you already have. If you have wood windows, do you replace with wood or do you use a different material? Do you use sash windows or casement?

Benefits Of Replacing Sash Windows With Casement Windows

If you have sash windows, they have probably worked decently until now, but maybe you’ve noticed a few issues in the past. Sash windows can be drafty unless you maintain the weather stripping. The clever mechanisms that allow the windows to easily move and hold their position are internal and when they work, they’re great, but if there’s ever a problem, it can be challenging to repair them.

If your window frames and cases are wood, there can be rot problems, and you must keep up with painting them to forestall this, and even so, high humidity can make them sticky. If it doesn’t, then they’re likely to be drafty in high winds or cold temperatures.

Materials that are standard in window frames and case construction are wood, metal (usually aluminum), different kinds of vinyl, and fiberglass. In general, the best value for your choice of material is vinyl. In fact, vinyl is an unmatched choice for window frames – it provides excellent durability and is capable of providing more insulation than traditional wooden frames. Wood rots and sticks while metal conducts heat well, so it tends to be a source of energy inefficiency and condensation issues, and fiberglass is considerably more expensive than vinyl.

Casement windows are an attractive and practical alternative to the sash window, boasting classic looks with better energy efficiency. With so many benefits for both the home and homeowners, they’re a great choice.

Below are the top ten benefits that casement windows have to offer.

Variety of Design Features

Casement windows have endless methods of customization and are available in different configurations for the opening. Standard casement windows open from the side, allowing a great deal of ventilation, visibility, and light. If you like having your windows open while it’s raining, the awning style blocks the rain from coming in effectively as long as the wind is not unbearable. Depending on availability, astragal bars (external) or Georgian bars (internal) can provide the elegant look of smaller panes of glass from an earlier time.

Energy Efficient

All casement windows are highly energy efficient compared to sash windows. Thanks to enhanced glazing and an effective window sash pressing against the frame on closing, air entry and leakage is better prevented. Vinyl casement windows provide excellent durability and are capable of providing more insulation than traditional wooden frames.

Wood and aluminum have been ruling the hearts of homeowners as the primary window frame choice until recently, but homeowners are warming up to this contemporary option. An unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) window unit that is a whole unit of fusion-welded frame and sash creates strength and durability. This method of construction makes the frames weather resistant and also seals the corners to provide extra insulation. Teamed with a range of excellent Low-E glasses and other weather-resistant panes, this type of unit helps lower your energy bills in both summer and winter.

Easy to Open and Close

Thanks to the use of single-lever latches, casement windows are very easy to operate, opening and closing smoothly every time. Most models can be further fitted with automatic openers for increased ease of use. Without the weight of the sash sliding, or any problems due to sticking, opening casement windows is a breeze.

Excellent Ventilation

Since traditional casement windows open outward, they have no trouble flooding any room or space with the desired amount of ventilation. Unlike double-hung windows which are closed on top, casement windows open from top to bottom so it’s never a struggle to feel cool.

Made to Measure

There is always a slight difference in measurement of all windows, and if you’re replacing your old ones, chances are that mass-produced ones won’t fit your existing frame. Vinyl casement windows can be manufactured to accommodate any size or shape opening you need to fill in your home. Through advanced extrusion and profile-bending techniques, any style of home can incorporate casement windows.

Enhanced Security

Casement windows meet high standards of security. They are considered the most secure type of window because they are internal glazed and, with no way to turn the crank from the outside, there’s really no way an intruder could enter your home through the window if you’re sure to close and lock it. No additional hardware is needed to make the casement window more secure, but a variety of locking features can be incorporated for optimal security.

Slimline Frames

Casement windows have extremely slim sightlines, which helps homeowners gain a wider view of the outside. No more bending over to look out your window when it’s open!

Glazing Options

It’s possible to add almost any glass design to your casement window frames, including beveled designs and stained glass. They can also incorporate either double or triple glazing to further ensure that you are never left out in the cold.

Low Maintenance

Your casement windows will never require heavy amounts of cleaning, simply requiring a wipe down should they ever become dusty or dirtied. If the window is designed to open a full ninety degrees, even cleaning the glass is easy, with both sides readily available and no ladders necessary! Casement windows can also have a lifespan of roughly 30 years, more than giving you your money’s worth on investment.

Variety of Colours Available

Vinyl casement windows can be customized with many colors and are both non-corroding and UV-resistant so its finish can be preserved.

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Exterior Window Trim Ideas: Styles for Window Sills and Moulding

Exterior window trims and moldings provide an inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home. They come in various shapes and styles and can even be painted the colour of your choice to express your home’s unique character. They are easily installed, and they can also be accessorized with shutters, and more, for added appeal.

Exterior Window Trim Ideas: Styles For Window Sills And Moulding

The following window trim ideas will help you get the most out of your windows and add charm, for a home that is both beautiful and cozy.

Begin with Quality Window Panes

Dual and triple pane windows are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rains and winds, and are also heat-resistant. A good window pane also provides a certain level of noise reduction, and some are also break-resistant for added durability.

Choosing a Window Style

Windows vary in style from recessed, flush, or double-hung, to casement, awning, bay, and pop-up, and more. So simply select a window style that complements your home.

Choosing a Window Trim Design

Exterior window trim encases the entire window frame, which gives the window an instant boost in appearance.

When selecting a trim design, be sure to select one that matches the exterior decor for a harmonious touch.

Some exterior window trim designs include oak trimming, white trimming, Gregorian Rome style trimming, English window trimming, Bay window studio trimming, cottage molding, Modern Wanderlust, and more.

Oak trimming adds a deep accent to your home, for those looking to make a bolder statement, while white trimming provides a classy setting for your house, and they look especially great when it snows.

Gregorian Rome style trimming gives your home a modern but clean accent that is sure to dignify your exterior.

English window trimming provides a minimalist grand home design, especially in white, and it looks especially charming on sleek windows. Studio trimming, on the other hand, provides an extra wide encasing and looks especially elegant when surrounded by brick walls.

Cottage molding delivers a modest feel, while Modern Wanderlust trimming can be used to add a castle-like effect to your home.

These are just a few of the window trim designs available, so be sure to look around until you find a design that expresses the character you want for your house.

Choosing a Window Trim Material

There are various window trim materials to select from, including wood, metal, and plastic. However, wood is said to provide the highest quality and function.

There are also craftsman window trims, such as the ones found on many traditional style buildings, which feature metal trims carved or stamped with designs around the window sills and headers. You can also have designs embossed on the moldings; however, it is usually more expensive.

Choosing a Paint Colour for the Exterior Window Trim

Painting the window moldings and trims help enhance your home’s exterior.

Simply match the window trim or molding paint colour to the exterior wall and door colours. Or, for a dramatic touch, contrast the colours on the exterior windows, doors, and walls.

Combining Window Trims with Shutters

Window shutters combined with window trim enhances the beauty of the landscape as well as your home, and they are available in many shapes and styles. They can also be painted to match the door trim and window trims, for added appeal.

There are 4 main types of window shutters: paneled, board, and batten, louvered, and emergency shutters, which include Bermuda shutters and roll down metal shutters. They are also available in various materials, including wood, faux wood, vinyl, synthetic foam, and medium density fiber.

Paneled Shutters

Paneled shutters are installed on each side of the window, and they do not open and close. Raised panels, which are a popular panel style, resemble kitchen cabinets or doors with a double or single raised panel. They also have a low profile, which makes them compatible with just about any home. Paneled shutters look especially appealing when painted and can help you make a nice exterior statement.

Louvered Shutters

Louvered shutters allow air to pass through via their angled slats. They also have a more refined look than panel shutters, which makes them a great choice for classical style homes, such as Georgian, Victorian, and Cape Cod style homes.

Board and Batten Shutters

Board and batten shutters are made of wood panels, and they are good at keeping out the heat during the summer and the cold out during the winter. These types of shutters are made with 1-3 boards held together with a single cross panel, which can be angled or horizontally placed across the shutters. Because of their ‘Old World’ appeal, they add a rustic appeal to the outside of your home, and they can also be used to provide privacy.

Roll-down and Bermuda Shutters

Roll-down and Bermuda shutters, also known as Bahamas shutters, provide both charm and protection during extreme weather conditions, such as when it is hailing, snowing or raining heavily. They can also be used to block out the sun. Emergency shutters are simply louvered shutters that attach to the top of the windows as opposed to the sides, and they tend to blend best with ranch, cottage, and cape cod homes.

Adding Window Wall Decorations

Window wall decorations, such as hanging planter pots, hanging vines, decorative flower baskets, or small shrubs on the window sills really make your window design pop. Once you have successfully installed the window trim or molding and accessories of your choice, simply complete the look with your favorite window decorations.

In the end, when selecting your window trim ideas, don’t forget to make a budget. Otherwise, don’t be afraid to go all out until you find the look that satisfies you.

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What You Should Know Before Installing a Reclaimed Victorian Front Door

Many people find Victorian properties to be charming in every way. From their elegant proportions, to their ornate architecture and complex detailing, these homes are built to impress, and today they’re as admirable as ever.

5 Tips For Choosing And Installing A Reclaimed Victorian Entry Door

However, maintaining a home that has been around for over a century can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to finding the best suppliers and products. If your restoration project involves installing a Victorian front door, one of the options you have is getting a reclaimed door from your local salvage yard.

In many cases, a reclaimed front door only needs a little sanding and a fresh coat of paint to restore it to its former glory. Here are a few tips for choosing and installing a Victorian front door:

Confirm period authenticity

One of the first things you should be concerned about is getting an authentic front door from the period. Before you go shopping, have a look at the entry doors for several Victorian properties in your neighbourhood to find the common design elements. It’s unlikely that your neighbours will have their original doors, but most will try to preserve some elements that are unique to the era.

It is important that you try to match the look of your front door to others in your neighbourhood. Using a door from the wrong period or one that is wildly different to what everyone on your street has can make your home standout the wrong way and even detract from its value.

Visit multiple reclamation yards for inspiration

Locate as many reclamation yards around your home and try to visit several of them in person for inspiration, and also to research market values. You might find out some interesting information about the period; for instance, that doors with leaded and stained glass cost a little more, or whether you have a non-standard sized entry door. More importantly, visiting different reclamation yards will help you find a door that suits your style and personal preferences.

Choose the right sized door for your entrance

Your replacement Victorian entry door must fit your opening exactly, in length, width, and depth. If there’s no perfect fit, then you can compromise on the depth. But this will require you to do a bit of work on the frame to make it fit perfectly.

Look at the details

Focus on small details, like the location of the locks, or which side the door hangs. Fixing the door the wrong way can ruin a very expensive entry door, and increase the cost of your project, as you will need to hire a professional to move the hinges, uninstall the locks, and then install new ones the right way.

Final tip

Be careful about the types of locks on your reclaimed Victorian entry door. Considering that these doors are usually sources from demolition projects, they will likely come with insurmountable safety options. If you can’t get the lock to function properly, you might spend a little more on a locksmith.

For more information on finding the best doors and windows for your home, contact Canglow Windows and Doors today.