Choosing Between Double-Hung And Casement Windows

  • Justin Woo
  • January 22, 2020
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With the growing window styles that are available on the market right now, you can really have a difficult time when you need to decide what is best for your home. For taller window openings, you can choose between casement windows and double-hung windows. We are providing a comprehensive review of both styles, showing how they compare against each other in several categories.

How they open

The windows come with two vertically sliding sashes. This means that both the top and bottom can open, up and down. They are the most classic style of all windows, and they are easy to use. They have a tilt wash feature allowing you to clean the outside of the window while you are inside your home, this makes them a popular favourite.
Casement windows open outward, think of a door on the hinges on the side, they use a cranking mechanism. When you crank them open fully, this style also allows you to clean the outside of the window while you are inside. The disadvantage of casement windows is they come with a risk of bending the hinges out of shape. This can be as a result of the weight of large window sashes or strong breezes.
Summary: In this category double-hung windows have more advantages due to the fact that they do not need space outside the window in order to open and close. They also generally carry a lower risk of damage to the operation mechanism.

The view outdoors

A double-hung window will provide you with an open view of the outdoors. On the other hand, double-hung windows have a check rail, the horizontal bar in the center of the window. This is usually at eye level when you sit down. It can be a huge obstruction if you would like to achieve a picture look for your windows. The advantage of casement windows is that they have no bars in the middle of the window at all. With this style, so you can easily get an open picture-frame look. In addition, these windows will still open and close, in this way they adhere to window egress code.
Summary: If you would really like to achieve a totally unobstructed view, casement windows are the best option for you.

Tight seal

We can all agree that windows and doors are the areas in the house that receive the most heat and cold transfer, this can increase your energy bill. You might be like most homeowners who replace windows for Increased energy efficiency homeowners. We understand that you will need to choose styles that will perform the best. Casement windows can have a tighter seal when they are cranked shut and locked, more than double-hung windows. This is because there is no track to slide down and upon. Having a tighter seal translates to an energy efficiency rating that is slightly higher.
Summary: Because of their tighter seal casement windows are slightly better than double-hung windows when it comes to energy saving.


Double-hung windows have an added advantage over single hung windows. This is due to the top sash being able to slide down and up, and also the bottom sash. This gives room for bringing in a breeze inside your home without the hassle of blowing things off tables. Casement windows also have good ventilation. When a casement window is cranked open, the surface area acts much like a sail on a sailboat. It catches the wind and directs it to the inside the home. having said that, we are aware that having too much wind on too large a window can be a disadvantage as it can whip and twist the window out of shape.
Summary: Both double-hung and casement windows provide good ventilation inside your home. The casement windows will usually give better ventilation than double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are, however, not at the risk of twisting out of shape.
Should you have any more questions about replacement windows and which styles best suit your home, do contact us. Our team is always ready to help you.

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