Are you planning to install a door in your home? We’ll help you do it. Established as a reputed name in the business of door and window installations, our teams of experts are nothing short of the best for every kind of door installation.

Keeping in mind the harsh climatic conditions of Edmonton, we follow a step wise approach to serve our clients, ensuring satisfaction and minimizing discomfort at every level. We discuss below our door installation process in an attempt to provide our clients with thorough understanding of the expertise that we are about to bring to you.

Free Consultation

To start with, we provide FREE consultation for our clients who are seeking door installations. Our experts will visit your home and check out your requirement and make recommendations accordingly. While going around your house, our consultants will do their first measurements and provide you with an initial quote.

Your Choice and Final Estimate

After our consultants are done with their initial ground work, the next step entails you making your choice of door that shall fulfill your utility as well as aesthetic purposes. Once you are done with choosing a door, we shall provide you with the final estimate for door installation. At this stage we shall also provide you with a timeline to draw our installation process to a close.

Final Measurements for Customization

The selection procedure leads us into creating a customized door for your needs. For this purpose, our professionals shall visit your home for final measurements so that the perfect door can be crafted flawlessly.

Set Date for Installation

Our specialists will decide on a date for installation that is mutually as per your convenience and visit a day prior to that to prepare the site for the installation process.

Installation Process

Before our workers commence the installation process, our lead expert will inform you about what to expect and what not to during the installation process so that you are well prepared.

Post Installation Services

After completion of installation, our workers will clear the area of all the debris and waste material to leave your surroundings clean leaving only after they confirm your satisfaction in every respect. You can inspect the installation and check the door movements to detect technical snags in case any.

We believe in creating lifetime relationships with our clients. Our service does not end with installations. We go a step ahead by providing complete after sales support through our customer care team who are ready to solve every issue faced by you.

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