Feeling cold air drafts? Squeaking hinges? Cringing doors? Planning a renovation? Then this is indication that your door needs to be replaced. You probably have to take a hard look at your door and consider replacing it. Experts in the business, our team of professionals are adept at replacing every kind of damaged door if needed.

Doors are an important part of every house irrespective of where they are – inside or outside. External doors are usually stronger because they have to face the brunt of harsh climate in Edmonton and may seek replacements earlier than the doors that are installed inside the house. Whichever door needs attention, we start with our experts evaluating the amount of damage before they actually set to work.

Free Consultation

After you get in touch with us, our team of experienced professionals will visit your home for a detailed scrutiny to assess the extent of damage of your door. This assessment will help decide whether it needs to be replaced entirely. You will be given an initial quote depending upon this evaluation of damage.

Final Decision

Based on the recommendations by our consultants you can decide what you can go for. The expenditure is less for a complete replacement. If there is a replacement, you need to visit our store and check the varieties of doors available. A personal visit is not required in most cases. At this stage you will receive a final estimate for the costs that you will incur for your door.

Customization and date of installation

Our workers will next take final measurements to ensure a snug fit. Depending upon your choice, we will customize your door that can be well built-in. They will also set a date of installation based on mutual convenience for the work.

Setting up the door

Our workers will reach your home on the designated date and start with their work without any delay as they will be well prepared with the groundwork and have years of experience to support their performance. They will try their best to minimize discomfort inside the house if this is an exterior door. At the same time our team lead will apprise you of what to expect during the procedure so that you and your family are mentally prepared.

Post Installation Work

Our workforce clears the area of work after the installation of the door is complete. You are free to scrutinize the replacement to your satisfaction and discuss any problem you face.

All our services are aimed at achieving complete customer satisfaction. We ensure this claim by backing it up with our after sales services that has an extremely responsive team to deal with every kind of trouble that you face.

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