Patio Doors Installation & Replacement Services

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Adding natural light to your interiors

Urban apartments are built to economize on space without compromising on any area of the home, with architects creating the illusion of space ensure that every apartment receives the optimum amount of natural light. Patio doors made of glass provide a clear view of the outside while allowing in maximum amount of sunlight. Often they replace a wall between the living room and the balcony, providing convenient access and also bathing your interiors spaces with light. There are various styles of patio doors available at Canglow, and we bring you all standard sizes for patio doors in Edmonton, as well as custom door sizes according to your requirement.

Choose your style

Our sliding patio doors work well in restricted spaces, and come in three standard dimensions of 60 inches, 72 inches and 96 inches. They can be slid wide apart on the sliding rail to give you extra space in your living room when you need it, and also warm your home naturally.

Save more on your energy expenditure with our range of energy star rated products, and soak in the goodness of natural light.

Hinged patio doors look like standard double hinged exterior doors and are made of glass resting on hung aluminum frames. We offer standard patio doors sizes and also bespoke hinged doors as per your requirements.

Whether you need to replace your patio door or are setting up new ones, our door technicians can help you choose the perfect size and design for your home.

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