An Edmonton Homeowner’s Guide to Entry Doors

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  • January 6, 2019
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The front door is one of the most important features of a house. Aside from being the entry to your home, a front door must be secure, weatherproof, and aesthetically pleasing. It is the front door that sets the theme of your home. Is your house modern or traditional? Is there a specific architectural style that you have used throughout the building? The shape, adornment, and decoration used on the front door will offer visitors some insight into your personality. The style and security level of your front door will add to its curb appeal, which is something you will want to consider if you plan on reselling your house. Unfortunately, the front door can often be overlooked when designing your home. Here are some of the many factors to take into consideration.

Entry Door Material

Entry doors can be made of different materials. While the most common is wood, some are metal or even glass, which give a unique feeling to the entry hall. When deciding on the right material for your front door, consider how it fits into the rest of the house. Are you looking for a door that blends in with the building or one that stands out?

It is also important to consider the weather conditions it will need to withstand. In Edmonton, weather can cause a lot of damage to doors. Consider how well the door material will stand up to these elements of Mother Nature when making your choice.

Weather Proofing

Canadian winters can be rough. This makes an entry door’s job of keeping the cold out and the warm in a vital one. A door that is weak, worn, and lets the cold air in, will cost you in energy bills and also leave your family with a chilly feeling.

Although summers can be beautiful in many parts of the country, the hot sun rays can cause door damage. The exterior damage can weaken the durability of your entry door and also damage its aesthetic appeal. Make sure you consider the quality of the door and the strength of the material when looking for a front door that will be able to withstand the Canadian weather. You should also consider a design that is watertight. These types of doors can protect your home from water damage caused by flooding or moisture issues.

Making a Beautiful Door

The colour, shape, pattern, and overall style of a door can convey the personality of your family as well as the overall theme of your home. There is an expectation set by your entry door. This is the feeling that guests have when they see or approach your front door.

When it comes to selecting the colour of your front door, think about whether you want it to blend in with the rest of the house or stand apart from the rest of the house. This will be a personal choice. Doors that are a bright colour and have some glass elements will convey a more inviting and open feeling to those who approach. A darker-coloured door with a single, small peephole will not be as welcoming but could give a sense of security and safety to visitors.

Window Features for Your Front Door

The current trend has been to have a window feature in your entry doors atlanta, whether it be a decorative stain glass element or a simple sidelight. This lets in more light, adds a feeling of warmth to the entryway and offers a traditional feel that fits in any home.

Some people like to see out of their front door while others prefer not to, and there are door styles to match everyone in-between. There are entry doors that have windows that allow for more light or a visual to the outside. However, there are also door styles that have just a single peephole you can peer through. Whatever style you choose will likely revolve around your personality and privacy concerns.

While security, material, and design are the most important aspects of selecting an entry door that is right for you, there are also other things to consider, including the price, door frame, and hanging technique; entry doors can be expensive. In fact, some homeowners can find the design or style they want costs more than a garage door. This points to the importance of choosing the right door that will last.
If you are looking to replace your old front door, you will need to consider what material and style will fit with the frame that is currently there. Mismatching a door and frame can leave you with a look you’d rather forget.

Before the installation process, you will also need to decide what direction you want the door to swing open and closed. We often don’t think of it but there is more than one way to open a door. A fairly unique method of installing the entry door is to use a centre hung pivot hinge. Essentially, it means that the pivot point of the door is central to the centre of the door thickness. Using this technique will give the door more manageability and is also suitable for very wide doors.


It is advisable to have at least one other person help you with the installation process. Be prepared to run into some problems, such as having to make structural adjustments in order to get a good fit. Ensuring that your measurements are exact will go a long way to making this a smooth process. Many companies carry a range of ready-made doors but are also able to custom design an entry door to a homeowner’s specifications.

For more information about entry doors, call Canglow Windows and Doors at 587-409-0984 or contact us here.

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