High Quality Windows

Defining High Quality – the “short” answer

There’s no simple answer to a “high quality” window.

A number of factors contribute to the making of a high quality window. It could be the make, the materials, the sealing, the placement or functionality that makes a high quality window. At Canglow Windows and Doors Inc., we take all of these factors into consideration while creating a custom designed window for you. There is nothing called a mass produced window at Canglow; each grid is manufactured with care, each pane sealed in professionally, and every installation is work of expertise.

At Canglow, each of these factors is important. The material we use is 100% lead free Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC), and we take great effort in recycling all our materials to reduce our footprint on the environment. In each of our endeavours, we imprint our green mentality, doing our bit for the world. Our building processes are high quality and we use top-of-the-line machinery to manufacture our products. All our windows are produced with URBAN machinery, reputed for the production of excellent high-quality windows.

Created with the latest in German Technology, each of our products epitomizes perfection in form and functionality.


8 Foot Vertical Four Point Welder

Various glass options, including Low E glass and Triple Glass are available with our windows. Each of our glass options promote thermal efficiency and minimize energy waste. Enjoy lower utility bills with our high quality windows, and experience the Canglow Difference. Available in a wide variety of colors and stylish grids, you can choose the best exterior and interior window options from our extensive catalogue. Designed to compliment any home and cater to fine aesthetics, our windows transform the look of your beautiful home and create perfection in every room.

From engineering methods to environmentally sensitive materials, from aesthetics to functionality if you are looking for top quality windows – Canglow is where your search stops.