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  • March 16, 2015
  • Picture Windows

Window treatments are countless, often leaving buyers confused with which option to go with. Picture windows are one of its kinds that lend immense style to any room where they are installed. Ideally they are huge large windows that are put up on walls that have beautiful views to offer on the other side. They are usually fixed and cannot be opened and the sole purpose of these is to allow in abundant light and provide a spectacular view of the outside which is truly picturesque. They derive their name purely because they allow an unobstructed view of the picture outdoors.

Picture windows can be installed all by themselves or in combination with other windows like casements on either side, depending upon how much wall space is available. There are no bars of any kind in these and consist of a huge expanse of clear glass. These come with certain advantages.

Energy efficient

Since picture windows are inoperable they are highly energy efficient. They prevent the outdoor temperatures from affecting indoors, leaving it warm, cozy and comfortable. At the same time they also stop heat loss from inside.

Lowers energy bills

This automatically leads to less energy bill since artificial heating or cooling gadgets are less used to maintain comfortable temperatures indoors. Choose glass that helps to keep your house warm in winters and cool in summers.

Less noise

Since glass is sealed into the wall in the form of a window, outside noises are diffused to a great extent, making indoors calm and quiet. A party in the neighborhood, barking dogs, traffic, nearby construction, etc. can be noisy affairs disrupting the peace of your house. Installing these windows will resolve this issue greatly.

Enhance interior décor

In addition to giving a peek of picturesque exterior view, these windows also add immense charm to the interiors of home where they are installed. Most suppliers offer customized options that help you to choose one that matches with your existing décor.

Easy to maintain

Since picture windows are pure glass, they are easy to clean and maintain. Neither there are any nooks and crevices that you need to reach out to clean nor are there slats where insects make homes. You can clean them as you would clean any other glass surface simply keeping in mind to use a soft cloth to avoid the glass from getting scratched.


Most brands come with lifetime warranties. Check with your supplier for this so that you are covered in case of damages in future because these are investments that should reap benefits for long. You can also ask for free consultations with suppliers.

On the flip side privacy is a major concern with these kinds of windows where outsiders can get an unhindered view of the interiors. You can address this issue by choosing an apt covering for it like blinds, shades, draperies or curtains. This option is not a very good idea for bedrooms or other living areas that need privacy.

However, it would be ideal if you choose a picture window for a room where you can afford to leave it bare because that is where its beauty lies.

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