Do you undertake repairs and replacements of doors and windows?

Your searches for every fenestration need ends here! Canglow is the one stop shop for new installations, repairs and replacements of doors and windows. We undertake every kind of repairs and replacements whether in part or whole for all kinds of doors and windows for your home or office with highly skilled professional expertise. We have infallible processes with strict quality checks that are aimed at complete client satisfaction.

How do I go about repairs for my windows?

Please call us. Repairs for windows require immaculate workmanship and we at Canglow are supported by experienced and proficient staff to deal with every kind of every repair. We offer free consultations for all kinds of window repairs and replacements. We start with our experts visiting your home and assessing the extent of work required after which they offer recommendations. If these are acceptable to you, then we move a step further by taking precise measurements to set the process rolling. Ensuring safety and perfection at every stage, you can be assured of 100% satisfaction with our professional services.

What procedure do you follow in case of replacements of windows?

The process of repairs and replacements is more or less the same. Canglow is equipped with a team of expert professionals who are adept at dealing with every problem that crops up with doors and windows. Free consultations and visits by our team will determine the extent of damage and recommend what is best suited. It would be pretty much the same in case you are looking for replacement whether part or whole. After extensive scrutiny, our experts will help you decide what is best for you. We prepare the work area before commencing work and clear all dirt and debris once we are finished.

Is window replacement advisable in winters in Edmonton?

Edmonton and other Climate Zone C regions have harsh weather conditions most part of the year. Strong, icy winds and heavy rains seem to lash the area for a major part of the year. It is difficult to replace or repairs windows in such conditions. However, keeping in mind the erratic climatic conditions of the area, we offer double and triple glazed window options to insulate the indoors as much as possible. In case of repairs or replacements, our process is aimed at minimal discomfort for residents inside the house, which is why we complete the procedure in bits and parts, taking off and installing only one window or one part at a time.

How is your window installation different from others?

Canglow is happy to provide window installations that are aimed at perfect results and maximum customer satisfaction. Our team of professional installers takes you through the entire process ensuring your approval at every stage. We stand to differ from our competitors owing to our flawless approach and performance.

  • We start with free visits to your home and free consultations that comprise offering recommendations and sharing information about available options for windows in terms of style, utility, finish, color, installation process, etc. Our recommendations are made keeping in mind your choices, lifestyle, interior décor, budget, etc.
  • Next comes is taking approximate measurements of where you want to install windows. Final measurements for customized installations are taken after the project is finalized.
  • We then set up an installation date as per your convenience and ease. We employ optimum labor to ensure ideal and timely completion of your project. Our workers also clear all the debris that accumulates during installation.
  • Our work does not end with installations alone. We also have post sales customer care services to take care of unforeseen snags that might crop up.

What are the awning options that you offer?

Awnings are a great option for outdoor window treatments. Installing them instantly enlivens the surroundings while doubling up as a great sun protection for indoors. You can choose to install them on the exterior of any door or window for ventilating smaller spaces. Our ranges of awnings have been designed to suit Edmonton climate as well areas for Climate Zone C regions that need insulation and energy efficiency. They could also act as egress windows for basements and attics or also add to the vintage charm for attic bedrooms. Our awnings that come in a wide variety of options are Energy Star rated and serve as a unique combination of style and functionality. To sum up our awnings are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Stylish
  • Sun protection
  • Versatile

What are casement windows?

Our range of casement windows are created to cater to a wide range of housing needs arising in various climatic conditions. They are one of the best options for windows as owing to their high functionality as well as looks. Some key features of our casement windows offer:

  • Triple glazing
  • Low E-argon gas chambers
  • Warm edge spacers
  • Full 90° rotation for ease of cleaning
  • Ventilation and enhanced airflow
  • Clear and wider view of exterior

Do you offer customized vinyl windows?

Though wood and aluminum have been preferred choices for window frames, contemporary vinyl windows are fast gaining popularity owing to certain obvious advantages. We create completely customized vinyl windows that are crafted to perfection with exact window measurements along with low E glasses for flawless fittings. Certain important characteristics of our vinyl windows are:

  • Strength and Durability
  • More insulation
  • Colorful choices with specially formulated paints
  • Made from 100% lead free uPVC
  • Weather resistant panes
  • Energy efficient
  • Completely customizable
  • Less air filtration helping to maintain indoor temperatures

Can I install bay or bow windows?

Bay and bow windows are ideal if you are looking to replace your existing windows and are interested in adding a touch of class and sophistication to your home. Bay and bow windows add a luxurious look and feel to the house and often become a focal point of a room. Though bay and bow windows look pretty much the same, a minor feature distinguishes one from the other. Bay windows usually have three windows placed at angles (usually 30 or 45) and projects outwards from your exterior wall. Bow windows usually have more windows, usually four or five that are mulled at gentler angles giving it a rounded look instead of a sharp one in case of bay windows.

What are end vent slider windows?

If you are looking for ample natural light filtering into your home, end vent slider windows are a great choice. Constructed on slim frames, they allow unobstructed and spectacular outside views along with brilliant insulation. Our end vent slider windows are 100% customizable with two sliding windows that allow cool breezes to make their way into the room. They can also be cleaned easily by simple rotation.

  • Superior warm edge insulation to regulate indoor temperatures
  • Ease of cleaning by rotation
  • Lowers fuel costs
  • Energy Star rated

How are fixed casement windows different from other casement installations?

Casement windows work as wonderful shields for every kind of weather condition especially for places like Edmonton and other Climate Zone 3 locations. However, fixed casement windows are great for spaces that have sufficient ventilation needing to be regulated. Also fixed casement windows allow plenty of light to come in without compromising on the insulation aspect by preventing loss of hear from the room.

Are double slider windows better than single slider ones?

Slider windows are apt when vertical wall space is a limitation. These can be installed when you have more width and less height to spare. These windows brightly light up a room irrespective of the dimensions of the room. Single slider windows are very stylish, simple yet extremely functional. The half mobile screen of our single slider windows are easy to operate and uncomplicated allowing abundant airflow when needed while the double slider has a full length screen that lets in more airflow on warmer days. Both the versions have innovative locking systems to keep out harsh weather when required, helping to maintain temperatures indoors. Check out a few vital characteristics of our slider windows.

  • Energy Star rated
  • Triple glazing
  • Energy efficient
  • High insulation
  • Ample ventilation and lighting
  • Durable with lead free uPVC frames

Are picture windows energy efficient?

Picture windows are usually single window units that are fixed. They cannot be opened which makes them highly energy efficient as they minimize heat loss as well as energy bills. They are extremely stylish and allow natural light in abundance. Our Picture windows are completely customizable and you can opt for fixed, casement, double-hung or side-slider windows or combinations to suit your need.

Can single or double hung windows look stylish?

Hung windows have been a traditional choice in Canadian homes for years. Canglow single or double hung window options are great if you are looking to replace or update your existing hung windows without a complete overhaul. They are very stylish with high on functionality. Single hung windows have unidirectional sashes that move either forward or vertically which also aids cleaning. Double hung windows have unique spiral sash balance system that lets the sashes to be moved up or down or rotated as you desire especially while cleaning. The double hung version of hung windows have two sashes in the same frame that lets you adjust the ventilation and are best for areas of the house that connect the interior with the exterior like patios or porches.

Do you have any window options for gardens?

Garden windows from Canglow are a unique blend of form and functionality. Designed with greenhouse principles, our garden windows deluge your interiors with light as the outward projection offers space for a colorful window garden. If you wish to beautify your garden with aesthetic window boxes and aerial gardens, this is the ideal option for you.

What are Hopper windows?

Hopper windows are quite similar to awnings except that they can be opened from the top. Ideal for ventilation in basements and attics that have lesser wall areas, they can also double up as egress windows for these areas. Our Hopper windows are: Energy Star rated Triple glazed Low E-argon filled glass chambers These features make Canglow Hopper windows: High on insulation Energy efficient Safe