Home Improvements That Add Value – A Comprehensive Guide

  • Justin Woo
  • October 7, 2020
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Looking to do home improvements that add value? You’re in the right place! Before you empty out your bank account and drop thousands of dollars on home improvement, we recommend you read our list and find out which options will actually make you money in the long run. Yes, you read that right. Not only will your home have some fancy new stuff, but they’ll actually increase the value of your home in the long run. That means when you eventually sell it, you’ll be making a lot more money than without! Let’s jump right into the specifics, shall we?

Vinyl Siding – You may not have thought that this would be our first option, but in reality, it actually adds quite a bit to the value of your home. We’re talking about 8-9 thousand dollars added. It’s a great investment that will not only make your home look great, but make you a whole bunch of money. Plus if you’re planning on selling, nice siding tends to bring in a lot of high paying buyers. Just a thought!

Bathrooms – So answer this question. What do potential home buyers ask for when they look at houses? Well, they ask about how many bedrooms, have many bathrooms, etc. Bathrooms are very large selling points, and if they’re doing right, you can bet your home’s value will go flying upwards. Not to mention you’ll get to experience what a beautiful bathroom’s like. Various studies have shown that a bathroom remodel alone can add anywhere from 10 thousand to 11 thousand dollars worth of value to your home.

Windows – Not only will be replacing old windows save you money on energy, but they tend to look really good. This raises the curb appeal, and of course the value of your home. Windows can be expensive, meaning the value of your home will skyrocket. Plus, nobody wants to buy a home with old windows. Old windows mean more drafts and more strain on your heaters. It’ll be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. Really something you don’t want.

Basement – Let’s be honest, there are a lot of basements out there with wood walls and concrete floors. There’s so much potential there. Redoing your basement, or even finishing it, can add anywhere from 40 thousand to 45 thousand dollars of value to your home. Plus, imagine just how awesome it would be to have a nice basement. We’re talking about new bathrooms, new bedrooms, and so much more. You could have a game room, office, or even a party room down there.

Deck – Outdoor decking is a wonderful thing to add to your home. It adds a level of functionality that you simply cannot get from just sitting on a front porch. You can sit outdoors with your family and have a big barbecue. You can use it with a pool, or match it up with a patio. It’s an amazing addition to your home and can add tens of thousands of dollars in value. It truly is fantastic just what a deck can do for you. Plus, if you add an outdoor kitchen, we’re talking about a lot of added value. Can’t go wrong here.

Pool – Do you want to add value to your home? Do you want to feel refreshed and happy? If you answered both questions you should buy yourself a pool. Above ground, pools are the cheaper options that still add a decent amount of value to your home. Potential buyers will see it as a win, and until you sell, you and your family will be able to join some nice cold and clear water on those hot summer days Canada is so well known for. Add an inground pool and you’re looking at some hefty value additions. You could add anywhere from 10 to 20 thousand dollars worth of value, depending on how nice and intricate the pool is of course.

Hot Tub – Similarly to a pool, hot tubs are once again a great way to add value. Perhaps not as much as a pool as they’re much smaller, but mix them in with a patio or a nice outdoor deck and you really get some value pumping into the place. Not to mention everyone loves hot tubs.

Before we head out, we want to make note of something. All of these options will add value to your home if done right. However, if they’re done incorrectly, or simply aren’t appealing to most buyers, they can actually lower your home’s value. Not to mention all the money you wasted installing them, as well as the money you wasted getting rid of it when it makes you no money. Just something you should keep in mind when considering all of this.

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