Important Things to Know Before Shopping for Windows

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  • August 14, 2015
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It is of common knowledge that windows are a crucial part of every home. Whether you are moving into a new home or are planning for window replacements in your existing one, updated knowledge about them will give an added advantage helping you buy the best that meets your requirements. Here we list a few things that you need to know before you finalize windows for your home.

Type of windows

Windows in Edmonton are of many types and you can choose one depending upon where you are installing them and the required functionality. Some popular types of windows are:

  • Casement: These windows are easy to crank open and fit in well with transom, picture or awning windows. These are ideal for places like countertop, over sinks and appliances where leaning over and lifting a window would be difficult.
  • Single or Double Hung: These are classic traditional windows that are easy to lift, open, tilt and clean. Also they do not have any outward projection and help save space.
  • Gliding: These are easily operable and can be opened or closed in minimum space. It meets egress requirements and is good for areas like basements. Since they glide open or close, they do not open into adjoining spaces like porches, patios, walkways, etc. You can also consider them for window replacements if you need to create space in an area.
  • Fixed: These windows add a lot of aesthetic appeal and are mostly an architectural addition to your home. They allow in ample light and offer great outdoor views.
  • Awning: These types of windows come in different sizes and work best with fixed windows. The characteristic design allows windows to remain open even during light rain. Check with window suppliers for this option.
  • Bay and Bow: A bay window has three windows mulled at an angle while a bow window has four or five such windows. They open up space in a room and add class to it. They usually project outwards from a exterior wall. They are a good option for window replacements as well.
  • End Vent Slider: These windows are constructed on a slim frame that has two sliding windows on either side of the unit. They are easy to open and clean!
  • Skylights: These are windows that pierce through the ceiling allowing ample light into a room and adding aesthetic value to the space. These are more effective than vertical windows.

Types of glass

When you are choosing windows for your home, you also need to choose appropriate glass for maximum effectiveness. Some attributes that you need to look for in glasses are:

  • Low E Glass: This glass has a thin metallic coating that reflects heat, helping create warm interiors in winter and keeping it cool in summer. They block UV rays and reduce energy bills. You can also opt for other coatings or tints in window glasses that are also quite effective. Consider this option if you are going for window replacements.
  • Energy efficient: These glasses have high insulation properties and help maintain indoor temperatures irrespective of external climatic changes. They contribute in a big way in reducing energy bills. Ask your window suppliers for this option.
  • Shatterproof glass: This kind of glass has a sheet of plastic in between two panes that works as an added protection towards breakages and severe weather conditions. This glass is two to four times stronger than normal glass and also helps soundproof a room, preventing external sounds from disturbing inner peace.
  • Double or triple glazed: These glasses have two or three panes with air trapped in between each pane. This adds up greatly to the insulation property of windows in Edmonton, helping retain internal temperatures.

Materials of windows

Windows in Edmonton are made up of different materials right from wood to various metals. Check out some of these here.

  • Solid wood: This is a popular choice for windows replacements as well as installations because wood is a great insulator but requires adequate maintenance because it is sensitive to changing external temperatures.
  • Aluminum: This is a very durable option along with being strong, affordable and low maintenance. However it is a good conductor of heat and low on insulation.
  • Clad: These are an expensive option because it has wood frames inside covered with aluminum or vinyl on the exterior. These minimize transfer of heat and cold because of wood and the durable exteriors make them last longer with very low maintenance. Check with window suppliers for this option.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl windows are a popular and affordable option with homeowners. They are also low on maintenance but the colors may fade over the years with exposure to sun, rain, storms, snow, dust and other natural elements.

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