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Sandblast Doorlite - Solution Series - Trimlite

One of the most classic window textures is the sandblasted look that has been around for years and still looks sleek. Our Trimlite sandblast satin etch windows keep a privacy level of a 9 so your home can still feel safe and secure inside. Our Solution Series patented technology uses a compression seal and interlocking joints to adhere to your door, creating a powerful bond without any screw holes. When you need accent windows, we are the place to order from and the Sandblast doorlite is an exellent choice.


This Sandblast Doorlite is great for adding a modern yet chic style to either your front or back door. The neutral tones will truly compliment the overall look of your home's theme and colour palette. The durable and energy efficient structure is designed to withhold any weather conditions, protecting the form and architecture of your home.