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SLG3E Wood Grain Exterior Fiberglass Door Sidelite - Trimlite

Fiberglass isnt just a smart choice, its a safe choice as well when it comes to the entrance to your home. Security is usually the first thing any homeowner worries about when choosing their entrance and exit ways. Our door experts understand this so thats why we have offered beautiful wood grain fiberglass doors that look like wood but act like shields. We have been using fiberglass for many years, so we have had time to perfect our designs just for you.


This Wood Grain Exterior Fiberglass Door Sidelite is great for adding a modern yet chic style to either your front or back door. The neutral tones will truly compliment the overall look of your home's theme and colour palette. The durable and energy efficient structure is designed to withhold any weather conditions, protecting the form and architecture of your home.