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Selecting the best door style for your home can feel overwhelming if you do not have the correct information about the options available. A variety of factors have to be considered and as you gradually narrow then down the process becomes less overwhelming. The doors you choose will determine the overall style and flow of your home. Here’s a 5 step guide to help you navigate the process.

1. Select a door style you prefer

Replacement of the front door takes place in several stages – consultation, measurement, calculation of the cost of doors, the choice of a convenient day and installation. Our door guide will help you quickly determine the right option for replacing doors.
The very first step is selecting the doors. Choosing a style will determine the look and feel of your entire home. You will need to pay attention to the scale of the space where the door will go, whether is for interior or exterior use. For interiors, it’s not advisable to choose an ornate door for a small space, it will make the room look smaller and busy. There are wide selections from pocket doors, panelled doors, dutch doors and glass framed doors. For interiors, the key is to be consistent to ensure good flow to the connecting spaces. Some questions to ask when picking a style:

What material is the flooring?
What style is the home?
What room is it for?
How tall are the ceilings?

Here are some popular styles offered by Canadian manufacturers:

Sliding doors

Bypass doors, also known as sliding doors have two or more standard-size sections that are hung on rollers from a track and they open from side to side. They are popular for closets as they save on swing space. They can be customized with mirrored finishes to make smaller rooms appear larger while reflecting light for a brighter look.

Hinge Doors

Hinge doors are ideal passage doors because they easily open from either room, and they can support the inward or outward swing of a standard door. Hinges are placed on either side of the door in order to accommodate the functionality of both the rooms. Single hinged doors are typically installed in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Double hinged doors are more popular and can add a touch of grandeur to a formal dining room or a master bedroom.
You can buy doors without leaving your home, just contact us by number 780-761-2161.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors come with one or two pairs of doors that fold in half to open. They are ideal for small spaces and closets in small rooms. Bifold doors slide on a track with pivots in the top and bottom corners to secure them. They are hinged in the middle to maximize the functional opening without interfering with any traffic. A single pair of bifold doors generally fit an opening up to a 36″ opening, and two pairs support openings between 48″ to 72″.
The cost of installing such doors may vary depending on materials and sizes.

2. Decide which way you want the door to swing

The direction of the swing determines where your hinges will be placed. You can choose whether you want the door to swing out into the next room or into the room. Usually, if it’s for a bedroom, it is better for it to swing into the room. If you are looking for something for the main space such as a family room, the door would typically swing in. Visualize how you walk into that room and choose what feels the most comfortable for you.

3. Pick the material

The material you choose for the door should suit the aesthetic of your home. There is a range of materials to choose from including glass, solid wood and hollow core doors. For example, glass options do well in sunrooms and pantries while solid wood doors are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. Some of the best quality materials in the NorthWest territories are in Edmonton, Alberta.
To clarify the price for fiberglass doors or any other, contact our specialists.

4. Framing your door with casing

The method you use to frame the door is key. For more ornate doors it is better to use simple casing to make your door stand out. For simpler designs, rather use detailed moulding. Some people prefer chunkier base moulding. Typically choose a base of 6″or more depending on the height of the ceiling.
Before replacing the doors, we will help you determine the frame of the door.

5. Choose the perfect colour

Select a colour that you feel is the right fit with the decor in the space. Going with top neutral paint shades can easily match the style in your home. Bolder, statement colours such as navy blue, yellow give the space a splendid designer pop. That’s it, you’re ready to install the perfect door to fit your space.


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