Replacing Custom Vinyl Windows

While it may be said that a vinyl window is often less expensive than its wood, aluminum, or fibreglass alternatives, just because it’s offered at a lower price doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting a lower quality window. There are a multitude of ways in which a vinyl window can save you, the homeowner, a lot of money. A prime example of this is the lowering of your home’s energy costs. And naturally, as a homeowner, one of your biggest concerns is that of a window’s design and ultimately its insulation and energy efficiency.

With vinyl windows, not only are they energy efficient, but they have many other wonderful redeeming qualities that give them a definitive leading edge over other types of windows. For the homeowner who is on a budget, a vinyl window is the best solution. Do not be influenced or dissuaded by terms such as “cost-effective” or “budget-friendly” assuming that the end product you’ll receive is of a lower-quality. No. Far from it. If you’re presented with a major home improvement renovation project, you needn’t spend a lot of your hard-earned money on a window replacement. Do your preliminary homework and familiarize yourself with the benefits of vinyl windows.

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    To Save On Your Bills

    As a homeowner, getting the most and promoting your window’s longevity will depend upon its care and maintenance. When they’re initially installed, it’s truly impressive how new windows and doors make such a difference in the overall aesthetic look of your home. Your windows will continue to perform like new if you follow a few simple cleaning and maintenance routines:

    • If your windows have been recently installed, then chances are that it hasn’t been exposed to any type of corrosive environment. It is recommended that you use a light soap and water solution to wash the windows and ensure that you thoroughly rinse well.

    Tip: Apply a thin coating of light car wax to the extrusion. Do not apply the wax without cleaning the windows first. This is especially important if you live in a corrosive, salty environment. Salt deposits may be sealed to the extrusion by the wax coating, allowing the salt to continue to corrode the extrusion. Ensuring that your windows are clean will keep them looking beautiful and at their best. And remember that with a window that has insulating, Low-E or heat reflective glass requires ongoing proper maintenance to continue working effectively.

    Dos and Don’ts of Vinyl Window Maintenance

    • DO clean the glass with a mild mixture of dish soap and water.
    • DO rinse completely with clear water. To avoid water spots, wipe dry with a soft cloth.
    • DO clean screens by first removing, then washing on a clean, flat, surface with mild soap and water. It is recommended to use a soft-bristled brush. Rinse, wipe dry, and then reinstall.
    • DON’T wash glass in direct sunlight.
    • DON’T use petroleum-based cleaners or caustic chemicals on your glass. This includes abrasive or caustic cleaners because they may potentially cause permanent damage to the finish on the glass.
    • DON’T use a razor blade, putty knife, or abrasive scouring pad to clean the glass.
    • DON’T use a high-pressure spray nozzle when rinsing your windows after washing.

    Pros of Vinyl Windows

    • Less expensive than fibreglass and wooden windows.
    • Highly durable and sturdy: UV, scratch and stain-resistant.
    • Extended longevity means it will last for many years and require little to no maintenance.
    • It comes available in a wide assortment of finishes and colours. Offers the flexibility of customization to suit your style preferences.
    • Vinyl windows are easy to install which makes this even more budget-friendly if you wish to do this home improvement project yourself as the installation does not require any specific know-how.
    • It has a high R-value which reduces outside noise.
    • Being constructed from PVC, vinyl windows are highly energy efficient with excellent insulation properties.
    • Vinyl windows have weather endurance: Through consumer tests, vinyl windows have shown that they perform well in weathering tests. And while PVC vinyl is not as strong as other materials, some PVC frames are constructed with a metal reinforcement or some such other composite materials to improve its structural strength.

    Cons of Vinyl Windows Replacement

    Have you decided to replace vinyl windows? Then find out about their benefits.

    • Colour and trim options can be limited when compared with their wood counterparts. As a homeowner, if you’re looking for a specific design look, vinyl windows will be limited in their assortment of styles.
    • Reduced design flexibility will be problematic for the homeowner. For example, if the wood is installed, in a few time it can be painted over. But with a vinyl window, if you want a fresh, new look, because the material isn’t easily painted, you’ll have to completely reinstall the entire window if you want a change of colour.
    • If a homeowner is looking for a measure of flexibility, then it may be the best decision not to go with vinyl windows. Or go with basic white.
    • Not biodegradable.
    • Warps, contracts and expands.
    • The frame contains little insulation.

    Thankfully, the vinyl windows that are on the market today are energy-efficient. And they can provide to you, the homeowner, the cost savings you would expect when investing in a window of this type. Due to it being designed to reduce any heat transfer that takes place and limiting the amount of light penetration that shines through, these are the reasons why vinyl is so energy-efficient. With the installation of a vinyl window, the home’s internal temperature will be regulated. As such, your HVAC will work less which proves that vinyl windows are indeed energy-efficient.

    Depending upon your needs and wants as a homeowner, vinyl windows will always have Pros and Cons. But fundamentally, there are certainly many benefits to a vinyl window that will look aesthetically pleasing on any modern home. Neutral colours with traditional grids can lend a classic style. Start off by making a list of your priorities. Ask yourself where energy efficiency and low to little maintenance appear on your list? If this criterion falls at the top of your list, then vinyl windows definitely are the right choice for you. Wooden windows are the better option if you’re seeking design flexibility, colour variety or adding some updated zest to your beloved vintage home.

    Custom size vinyl windows installation and replacement

    It is recommended that vinyl windows should be installed by a qualified professional. And while the window installation can be a relatively straightforward DIY home improvement project, if the installation is done poorly or incorrectly, then you’ll pay for that mishap down the line later. Vinyl’s flexibility to expand and contact easily makes for a fast and simple installation procedure. If the vinyl window has come already not set, then it will need to be carefully placed into the frame once the window itself has been installed.


    Features & Benefits

    • 100% Lead-Free
    • Singe, Double and Triple Glass for better insulation
    • Thermal & Energy Efficient.
    • Depending on the model, casements open at a full 90 degrees.
    • High-security multi-point locking system with stainless steel hinges and tracks.
    100 % Lead-Free

    At Canglow, we are offering you 100% Lead-Free Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC windows. These windows are extremely strong and will last a very long time while saving you a lot of money on your energy bill.

    Thermal & energy efficiency.

    Our windows have the highest number of internal air chambers, giving you the very best insulation and sound-blocking abilities while providing the best thermal and energy performances from any window on the market.

    Watertight and Airtight

    Our windows do not require window frames, sealants and adhesives making them higher in performance and so much nicer to look at. Our windows are totally waterproof and airtight.

    Sealed Glass Unit

    Unit has 13/16″ overall thickness. We offer multiple options for glazing and thickness depending on the model.

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      To Save On Your Bills

      Service Areas

      We service all the areas in Alberta and Northwest Territories from Red Deer to Yellowknife. If you live anywhere within this area, you can count on our expertise for all of your windows and doors needs. Our head office is located in Edmonton.

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        To Save On Your Bills

        Grid Designs

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        Grid Types

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        Grids & Trims


        We provide a variety of interior vinyl trims for vinyl windows for an elegant, adaptable look. We have a combination of advanced technology along with the best materials that are not only durable and flawless but will retain their colour for years to come. We offer a variety of standard finishing options including wood stain, contemporary and classic rosettes.

        JAMB SIZES

        We provide window jambs in four sizes to give you a seamless window installation that is perfect. For added resilience, we provide wood jamb extensions, frame moldings, and corner blocks for great longevity. These interior fittings are made from the highest-quality, durable Lead-Free PVC powder compound that requires absolutely no maintenance.


        Our quality brick molds are made from a very long-lasting compound uPVC powder that is designed to withstand the harshest elements throughout the year. Our brick molds are made from maintenance-free materials that are available in a variety of colours and sizes for great longevity and beautiful curbside appeal.


          To Save On Your Bills

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          Clear Glass

          Our double-pane clear glass windows will give you the best protection from outside noises in comparison to single-pane glass. These windows offer the best protection from temperatures by creating an easy flow of hot and cold air from both outside and inside.

          Low-E Glass

          Low-E, commonly known as low-emissivity glass, was developed to minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light coming through the glass without affecting the amount of light that will enter your home. Our Low-E glass is an excellent choice for decreasing your home energy costs throughout the entire year. Low-E glass cuts back on your home's heat loss by lowering radiant heat transfer by reflecting interior heat back into your home. It also distributes sun rays, allowing for more light coming into your home for using solar energy. This process will give you extra heat while reducing your reliance on heating. This will save you around 60% of your energy costs.

          During the summer months, the same process is in effect, just in reverse. Low-E glass windows will reduce the flow of hot air coming into your interior. This specialty produced coating will reduce the effects of the sun's UV rays which, over time, will fade fabrics and carpeting.

          Triple Pane Windows

          Our triple-pane glass windows are the most effective energy savers on the market. The extra pane of glass easily balances temperatures inside your home for the highest level of comfort during every season. During the winter months, cold air will stay outside and warm air will stay inside. Again, the process is in reverse during the summer months.

          Triple-pane glass windows have a special coating that is applied to the glass in order to eliminate the increase of solar heat while providing an increase in energy performance. The extra pane of glass really does offer a new, and better level of insulation, airflow, and will save on the cost of energy.

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