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Double Hung Window Installation

Double hung windows offer versatility of design and function with two sashes in a single frame so you can adjust the amount of ventilation you need. Double hung windows are suitable for areas of the house that connect the interior with the outdoors, such as patios and porches where airflow takes precedence.

Canglow double hung windows are built with our unique weatherstripping technology so that you can welcome a fresh breeze in summer but keep the cold out at other times. The spiral sash balance system makes for multidirectional rotation, which means your double hung window will be all the easier to clean. And a wide range of custom options ensures that your windows will reflect your taste and style, always.

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A single or a double-hung window is not only a classic look to any home, but it is also the most ubiquitous. Most certainly a single or double hung window is an iconic look, but what should you look for when buying a new set of windows for your home?

Similarities between a single and double-hung windows

Both of these windows are vertically-sliding. They are constructed with an upper and lower sash. A sash is the window frame that contains the window’s pane of glass. The shape of this frame depends upon the design of the window itself. Hence the shape can either be square or rectangular. From a distance, both single and double-hung windows will appear the same.

Differences between a single and double-hung windows

The main stand out difference between a single and double-hung window is that with a single hung window the top half pane is permanently fixed into position. Whereas with the bottom sash, that is the only moving part to the window. And conversely, with a double-hung window, both sashes can slide vertically up and down. And by virtue of its inherent design, single-hung windows have fewer moving parts and therefore are considered as more weather resistant.

Let’s examine the strong points of a single hung window. Off the top, they are simple to use and are weather resistant.

If a real estate property is of significant historical value, a single hung window is most preferred for an upgrade. And with that being said, single-hung windows predate the double-hung design by many years. And with today’s more contemporary homes, the single hung window is preferred as when compared to the double-hung window it costs much less.

And due to the nature of its very design, a single hung window has garnered a reputation as being less prone to air penetration seepage as its upper sash is permanently fixed in place and cannot become lose the same way a moving sash is susceptible of. In terms of its energy efficiency performance rating, both will be rated favourably as both must pass the same standards. However, that being said, a double-hung window’s seals tend to age over time and will degrade. And because a double-hung window has a moving sash, it can’t be repaired with caulk sealant as a fixed sash window can. A professional glazier must come in and repair the window if the upper sash of a single hung window breaks. Conversely, if a sash should break on a double-hung window, the repair is easy and the homeowner can do this themselves by replacing the upper sash.

Now, let’s examine the strong points of a double-hung window. Off the top, they are easier to clean, allow more airflow into your home and are of a safe design. Hands down, a double-hung window is the most commonly used window on the market today. Their popularity is due, in part, to the fact that they are easier to clean. A double-hung window’s design offers a tilt-in feature that allows the homeowner to clean the window from the inside of their home.

The double-hung window’s upper sash offers great airflow. By opening both sashes on a double-hung window, a recirculating airflow is created. This allows for warm air to pass through the upper sash, and cooler air to circulate in through the lower sash.

And if you have safety concerns regarding small children, a double-hung window’s design prevents inquisitive toddlers from getting out. With the open-top sash allowing fresh air to circulate through the room, the bottom sash can remain closed.

But how do you know what window to buy and what is best for your home? It is recommended to do your homework to become an educated and informed consumer. This will save you time when you’re making your final decision. For starters, compare both single and double-hung windows. Look at their cost, ease of cleaning features and any other pertinent features that may apply.

If you want the flexibility to be able to open both sashes or to be able to remove the sashes, then clearly your choice will be a double-hung window. But if not, then go with a less expensive single hung design. Typically, because a double-hung window is so ubiquitous these days, shopping for them is much easier and the benefit you receive as the consumer homeowner is that you are offered more choices at much more attractive, affordable prices.

A single or double hung window design has both versatility and functionality. A double-hung window has two sashes in a single primary frame so you can adjust the amount of airflow ventilation entering your home as you desire. From a design perspective, a double-hung window is most suitable for areas of the home that connect the interior with the outdoor exterior. A good example of this is porches and patios.

Single or double-hung windows are constructed with weatherstripping technology. You’ll get a welcome breeze in the summer and will stay toasty warm and cozy during the cold winter months. The window’s easy to clean feature is due to its multi-directional rotation and the spiral sash balance system. With a wide range of custom options available, your windows will reflect your unique design taste and style. In English and throughout North American architectural design, hung windows are a popular ubiquitous staple, being found in rural rustic country farmhouses right on to urban modern contemporary high-rise apartments. And the window’s design makes them perfect for saving space providing a beautiful design and the ultimate in stylish functionality. Single or double-hung windows are perfect if you’re a new home buyer wanting to familiarize yourself with what to look for in buying a home. You’ll find that whether it be a single or double hung window, this will be your best choice.

If you want to buy double hung windows online, contact our specialists. Call us by number 780-761-2161 .

The following is a list of what to take into consideration when buying either a single or double-hung window.

  • U.P.V.C. bright white interior and exterior finished colour
  • Durable 3 1/4″ vinyl frame
  • Fusion-welded corners
  • Shadow groove cleaned corners
  • Integrated self-drainage system
  • Multi-chamber design that provides for maximum strength to the window including a high level of energy-efficient insulation
  • Dedicated screw chambers for installation purposes
  • Interior removable cover designed to hide installation screws
  • Sloped outside finish to ensure easy outside water drainage
  • Weighted stainless steel coils allow for smooth and easy operation of the sash
  • Durable tilt handles provide easy access and effortless operation of the tilt feature
  • Standard Glass: double insulated glass with an overall thickness of 7/8″
  • Optional Glass: triple insulated glass with an overall thickness of 7/8″

How to install double hung replacement windows

Double hung window installation is done by our professionals. They will take measurements, select the materials of the product, set the day of installation. Even before the measurements, you will know the cost of double hung windows. But we will announce the exact price of double hung windows after all measurements.
Installation or replacement of windows is carried out within 1-2 days. On a day convenient for you.

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Lead-Free
  • Singe, Double and Triple Glass for better insulation
  • Thermal & Energy Efficient.
  • Depending on the model, casements open at a full 90 degrees.
  • High-security multi-point locking system with stainless steel hinges and tracks.
100 % Lead-Free

At Canglow, we are offering you 100% Lead-Free Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC windows. These windows are extremely strong and will last a very long time while saving you a lot of money on your energy bill.

Thermal & energy efficiency.

Our windows have the highest number of internal air chambers, giving you the very best insulation and sound-blocking abilities while providing the best thermal and energy performances from any window on the market.

Watertight and Airtight

Our windows do not require window frames, sealants and adhesives making them higher in performance and so much nicer to look at. Our windows are totally waterproof and airtight.

Sealed Glass Unit

Unit has 13/16″ overall thickness. We offer multiple options for glazing and thickness depending on the model.

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Service Areas

We service all the areas in Alberta and Northwest Territories from Red Deer to Yellowknife. If you live anywhere within this area, you can count on our expertise for all of your windows and doors needs. Our head office is located in Edmonton.

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Grid Designs


Grid Types

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Grids & Trims


We provide a variety of interior vinyl trims for vinyl windows for an elegant, adaptable look. We have a combination of advanced technology along with the best materials that are not only durable and flawless but will retain their colour for years to come. We offer a variety of standard finishing options including wood stain, contemporary and classic rosettes.


We provide window jambs in four sizes to give you a seamless window installation that is perfect. For added resilience, we provide wood jamb extensions, frame moldings, and corner blocks for great longevity. These interior fittings are made from the highest-quality, durable Lead-Free PVC powder compound that requires absolutely no maintenance.


Our quality brick molds are made from a very long-lasting compound uPVC powder that is designed to withstand the harshest elements throughout the year. Our brick molds are made from maintenance-free materials that are available in a variety of colours and sizes for great longevity and beautiful curbside appeal.


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Clear Glass

Our double-paned windows with clear glass provide optimum noise protection compared to single pane glass. In terms of temperature resistance, it promotes the easy flow of hot and cold air from both inside and outside.

Low-E Glass

Low emissivity glass, or Low-E glass, is a strategic choice for lowering your home energy costs all-year-round. In winter, Low-E glass cuts down on heat loss by reducing radiant heat transfer and reflecting interior heat back into your room, where it needs to be. It also efficiently dispenses the sun’s rays—allowing more of them to enter the home as usable solar energy. This provides extra warmth while minimizing reliance on heating, which can account for up to 60% of a home’s energy costs.

In summer the same principle applies but the effect is reversed. Low-E glass windows help reduce the flow of hot air into the cool interior. This specially formulated coating also reduces the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are a leading cause of premature fading and degradation of fabrics and carpeting.

Triple Pane Windows

Triple-pane glass windows are the most energy-efficient models on the market. With the extra pane of glass, they moderate temperatures inside for optimal comfort in every season—during winter, cold air remains outside and warm air inside, while in summer the results are reversed.

Special coatings are often applied to the glass to eliminate solar heat gain and boost its energy efficiency. The extra pane of glass truly provides a new level of insulation, airflow and energy efficiency.

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