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Entry Doors Replacement and Installation

Canglow Entry Doors are crafted to attain the highest standards of quality and craft so that each of them is strong and durable. Our expertise in manufacturing entrance ways and our experience in it prompt us to create tough doors for the harsh Edmonton weather. The unrelenting rains, harsh winters and the unforgiving summer sun can wreak havoc on the exterior of entryways and we have the perfectly manufactured solutions for all weather conditions.

Our wide range of doors created with solid hardwoods, MDF, or fibreglass doors with double or triple glazing is crafted to withstand the different climatic conditions they are subjected to. Available in various colours and textures, these can be custom-built to blend in with your decor.

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Upon initial consideration, you may assume that all doors are created equal. But no, they most certainly are not. Where does one begin and what materials do you consider? You can choose between wood, glass pane, and fibreglass. But then what type of style do you desire? Again, here you have a variety of options. There are Dutch influences, French-style which have always been popular and the classical panelled look. Your choices are virtually endless. It is helpful (and wise) to consider all your options available to you. The following is a list to help you decide.
Before buying entrance doors, learn about the benefits of different types of doors.

Panelled Door

Panelled doors are extremely common, and as such, they tend to have a very familiar classic look about them. The door frame is wood. Then wooden shutter panels or plywood or some other such hardboard etc is inserted on the frame. Generally, with this type of entry door, wood is what you’ll find most frequently, but panels can also be made from elegant etched glass allowing the foyer to be exposed to welcoming natural light. Replacement of panelled entrance doors is carried out in one working day.

Dutch Door

While you may not know its formal name, chances have you’re seen this style of door on many a farmhouse and in several classic western movies. The Dutch door design is when the door is divided into two parts horizontally in the middle. You can have the bottom portion closed and the top open to allow for a fresh breeze to circulate through the kitchen. Or the lower half can be very convenient for letting your pet out if it needs to relieve itself.

Glass Door

A glass door, as the name states, is a door with a wooden frame with panes of etched glass inserted throughout it. With this type of door, privacy can be an issue, so typically they can be found on a home’s rear porch or back door. They are more expensive than other types of entry doors, and while they allow natural light to enter a room, overall they are harder to maintain.

Entry doors are crafted to the highest of standards, craft and absolute quality. As such, each door is strong and very durable. Standing up to terrible rain, brutally cold winters and the blistering heat from the summer sun means that these entry doors are meant to last. Doors constructed to this highest level of craftsmanship means that it will hold up during the harshest, inclement weather conditions.

Entry doors come in a vast selection of solid hardwoods, MDF or fibreglass. They also come with double or triple glazing and are expertly crafted to withstand the different fluctuating climatic conditions. They are also available in various textures and colours which means that they can be custom-built to blend right in with your home’s architectural design decor.

Depending upon where you live, dramatic fluctuations in weather means that an entry door’s inherent design must change in order to adapt to these changes in weather. Not only must the door be durable, but it also must be aesthetically pleasing to the homeowner as well. Naturally, with an entry door of solid wood construction, it will have a high insulation value and will be less prone to warping. When shopping for an entry door, look for durability and strength. This will be determined by thicker panels, stiles, and rails. Of special note, insulated steel is highly recommended for its energy efficiency, security and long-lasting durability.


The following outlines the basics in the construction of a wooden entry door.

  • A material is selected. Pine is a durable wood and very easy to work with. But for a rich, elegant look, mahogany is the preferred choice.
  • The wood is cut on a table saw in long planks, carefully measured to fit the height of the door opening.
  • Care is taken to ensure that the boards are perfectly horizontal on all sides. The wood must be perfectly flat and free of dips, bows, curvature bends or warping.
  • Two angled pilot holes are drilled into the ends of the planks so that long screws can join the corresponding plank to form a rectangular wood frame.
  • A mortise joint is carefully chiselled on the end of a corresponding piece of long wood. It is then attached by screws to the door frame
  • Once the door frame has been assembled and covered with the exterior wood, design patterns are available. Whether this is a flat surface or a recessed rectangular block design. Then holes are drilled to accommodate the door’s keyhole lock strike plate and doorknob assembly mechanism.
  • With a sharp chisel, a recessed rectangle is cut into the side of the door so that the metal side strike plate can be installed.
  • Using the metal strike plate as a template, a pencil is used to trace out where the lock bolt will fit. That hole is then drilled out to accommodate the corresponding locking bolt.
  • Once the hole has been cut, the metal strike plate is attached with screws to the door jamb.
  • At this point, hinges will be installed.
  • All that is left is to either paint or stain the wood to the desired finish.
  • The door can be constructed separately, or it can be mounted to a frame which will be installed in the home’s door opening.


  • Pros: Wood has been a widely used material for thousands of years. As such, it’s no wonder that wood has been the most popular, versatile construction material to use. And as such the most widely chosen for entry doors. Wood is a renewable, environmentally sustainable natural resource. Being so strong and durable, over time it gets harder and as such will last for many years to come. It has the versatility of being stained or painted to match any type of exterior decor colour. With wood’s low heat and cold transfer, it offers the best insulation value. Many homeowners prefer wood as an entry door for its natural warmth and beauty. And upon selling the property when it is listed, it provides for a better return on investment.
  • Cons: Wood requires regular maintenance and is a bit more expensive than other materials. Basic maintenance will include cleaning, caulking, sanding, painting and staining. Wood is also susceptible to mould, mildew and rotting. If an entry door is not properly maintained, it will succumb to sun and weather damage. An entry door can be more susceptible to rotting as moisture can penetrate deep into its porous fibres without proper maintenance.

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Features & Benefits

  • 100% Lead-Free
  • Singe, Double and Triple Glass for better insulation
  • Thermal & Energy Efficient.
  • Depending on the model, casements open at a full 90 degrees.
  • High-security multi-point locking system with stainless steel hinges and tracks.
100 % Lead-Free

At Canglow, we are offering you 100% Lead-Free Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC windows. These windows are extremely strong and will last a very long time while saving you a lot of money on your energy bill.

Thermal & energy efficiency.

Our windows have the highest number of internal air chambers, giving you the very best insulation and sound-blocking abilities while providing the best thermal and energy performances from any window on the market.

Watertight and Airtight

Our windows do not require window frames, sealants and adhesives making them higher in performance and so much nicer to look at. Our windows are totally waterproof and airtight.

Sealed Glass Unit

Unit has 13/16″ overall thickness. We offer multiple options for glazing and thickness depending on the model.

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Service Areas

We service all the areas in Alberta and Northwest Territories from Red Deer to Yellowknife. If you live anywhere within this area, you can count on our expertise for all of your windows and doors needs. Our head office is located in Edmonton.

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Grid Designs


Grid Types

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Grids & Trims


We provide a variety of interior vinyl trims for vinyl windows for an elegant, adaptable look. We have a combination of advanced technology along with the best materials that are not only durable and flawless but will retain their colour for years to come. We offer a variety of standard finishing options including wood stain, contemporary and classic rosettes.


We provide window jambs in four sizes to give you a seamless window installation that is perfect. For added resilience, we provide wood jamb extensions, frame moldings, and corner blocks for great longevity. These interior fittings are made from the highest-quality, durable Lead-Free PVC powder compound that requires absolutely no maintenance.


Our quality brick molds are made from a very long-lasting compound uPVC powder that is designed to withstand the harshest elements throughout the year. Our brick molds are made from maintenance-free materials that are available in a variety of colours and sizes for great longevity and beautiful curbside appeal.


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Clear Glass

Our double-paned windows with clear glass provide optimum noise protection compared to single pane glass. In terms of temperature resistance, it promotes the easy flow of hot and cold air from both inside and outside.

Low-E Glass

Low emissivity glass, or Low-E glass, is a strategic choice for lowering your home energy costs all-year-round. In winter, Low-E glass cuts down on heat loss by reducing radiant heat transfer and reflecting interior heat back into your room, where it needs to be. It also efficiently dispenses the sun’s rays—allowing more of them to enter the home as usable solar energy. This provides extra warmth while minimizing reliance on heating, which can account for up to 60% of a home’s energy costs.

In summer the same principle applies but the effect is reversed. Low-E glass windows help reduce the flow of hot air into the cool interior. This specially formulated coating also reduces the effects of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which are a leading cause of premature fading and degradation of fabrics and carpeting.

Triple Pane Windows

Triple-pane glass windows are the most energy-efficient models on the market. With the extra pane of glass, they moderate temperatures inside for optimal comfort in every season—during winter, cold air remains outside and warm air inside, while in summer the results are reversed.

Special coatings are often applied to the glass to eliminate solar heat gain and boost its energy efficiency. The extra pane of glass truly provides a new level of insulation, airflow and energy efficiency.

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