Questions to Ask When Looking for a Door Replacement Professional

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  • July 4, 2019
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If you are a homeowner and are thinking of replacing your doors then you may have several questions that you would like to have answered as soon as possible before you hire a door replacement company in Edmonton. After all, the facade of a home plays a pivotal role in helping form a positive first impression of a home, not to mention your home’s door will need to be sturdy and durable in order to protect one’s assets and loved ones.

Here,we will discuss some of the questions that you may want to ask yourself or the door replacement company that you are thinking of hiring before making a final decision.

Why are you thinking of replacing your door?

Unbeknownst to some homeowners in Edmonton, replacing the door or doors of your home is actually quite affordable, and is a quick and easy way to help improve the aesthetics of a home while increasing its real estate value. In many instances, homeowners in Edmonton will opt for a full home remodelling, and as such the interior doors of the property will need to be strongly considered before any renovations take place.

In fact, many experts argue that it is the interior door of a home that serves as the unifying focal point and helps bring together the desired look and feel of the home. You need to ask yourself what the end goal is in purchasing and installing a new door. From increasing the real estate value of your home to giving the interior a modern look, the reasons can be many but equally valid.

What should you look for in a door replacement company?

Most home renovation experts agree that the first thing homeowners should look for in a door replacement company in Edmonton is the variety of doors that they sell. Companies that only offer a few styles or types of doors will usually also be limited in terms of their services as well as their level of expertise. The company that you end up choosing should be able to offer you several different design options that can be customized to your preferences.

For instance, they should be able to stain or paint the door if you feel that doing so will improve the aesthetics. In addition to customizable options, they should also be able to refer you to a highly reputable, insured, and bonded contractor that can aid in fulfilling your door replacement.

The company that you select should also offer a warranty plan in order to ensure that your investment is protected for years. Perform some due diligence by reading several reviews and testimonials on the prospective company to determine if they are as good as they claim to be.

Also, while hype and rhetoric can be appealing and persuasive to some, a picture can speak volumes, so ensure that the company also provides an extensive image or video gallery that you can browse through to see their work or pieces in action.

Are the doors they offer eco-friendly?

Today’s customer is an eco-conscious one meaning more and more companies have made the shift to selling green products that help promote environmental sustainability. For instance, some door replacement companies in Edmonton offer doors that are made with bamboo. Bamboo is not a form of wood but instead is a type of grass that quickly replenishes itself when it is harvested.

Another popular option is moulded skin doors, which are primarily comprised of a resin and wood pulp amalgam. By combining the two materials the amount of wood needed to make the door is reduced, resulting in fewer trees being cut down. Furthermore, many door replacement companies also offer farmed-tree doors, which are essentially doors that are manufactured using trees that were specially grown for door manufacturing.

Interestingly, one of the main benefits of tree farmed doors is that the trees that are extracted in order to manufacture the doors are immediately replaced via replantation, helping promote an eco-friendly ecosystem.

Things to Avoid When Replacing a Door

The door that you end up choosing for your home should not only fit within your budget but should also fit your unique style and taste. While every home is unique, so is its owner, so you should pick a door that complements your taste. Your new door will likely be a staple in your new home for years, if not decades, so you want to be mindful of your final choice and one way to help determine which door to go with is to ensure that you like it in the showroom before you actually purchase it.

Finally, more often than not you get what you pay for when it comes to purchasing a new door. Buying a door at a big-box outlet and installing it yourself is not comparable to having a door custom designed, built, and installed by a trained door replacement professional. In fact, it will take a highly-skilled and trained professional in order to properly cut as well as install a door, so opting for a cheap and derivative option may cause problems down the line.

To learn more about replacing your home’s doors, call Canglow at 587-408-8047 or contact us here.

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