What Are The Benefits Of Secondary Glazing On Windows?

  • Justin Woo
  • November 10, 2020
  • Energy Efficient Windows
  • Window Glass

While secondary glazing doesn’t contain an attractive appeal that you can instantly notice, that’s not the point of it. Secondary glazing is meant to be invisible. There are several important benefits to going with secondary glazing.

Benefits Of Secondary Glazing

  1. Customizable – Sliding secondary glazing and a hinged window design are two options that you can choose in either a brown or white color. This makes it perfect for many different styles of homes and properties out there.
  2. Keeping homes warmer – An air gap exists between the first and second window glazing, and this gap is what makes the temperatures in your home feeling just a bit warmer. You’ll notice a reduction in cold drafts coming through the window with double weather seals as well.
  3. An added measure of security – Hinged and sliding windows with secondary glazing contains a higher amount of security. Sliding secondary windows have sprung catch locks that will lock by themselves whenever the window is shut. With hinged secondary windows, there are handles that can be locked, as well as security bolts. Customers can also get 6.4mm laminated glass for even more protection from the outdoor noise.
  4. Noise reduction – Secondary glazing provides insulation from noise in comparison to single glazing. Call it city sound glazing if you will, because you’ll definitely be hearing less car horns with secondary glazing.
  5. Lower maintenance required – With a timber subframe, there is uPVC trim covering it, so you don’t even have to worry about painting it. The panels can simply be taken off so that you can easily clean.
  6. Less disruptions – With many years of experience in the field and very accurate measuring dynamics, the installation process is seamless and fast.
  7. Very unobtrusive – Secondary glazing is barely visible to anyone that walks past your home. Customers are given the traditional look but can enjoy the increased measure of security and warmth from the elements.

Customers have grown to love secondary glazing, and it has become increasingly popular for those that are living in conservation types of areas. With the ability to retain heat in your home, hearing lower outside noise, and the simple aesthetics, you can’t really go wrong. If you have a hinged and sliding window that you think requires secondary glazing, it’s worth getting it done.

Secondary Glazing Success Story

One particular customer that lives out in a conversation area in the southwest London area has stated that many airplanes tend to fly over his home throughout the day. He eventually just got used to the noise of always hearing the airplanes fly overhead. Because he also lives in a conservation area, there are many geese that flock there, which results in a very noisy place to live. He decided to get some soundproofing done, but his home already had original lead-lined windows installed, and these are windows that can’t be replaced.

Because of that, secondary glazing had to be the only option.

The customer has stated, “When only one person showed up for installation, I was very surprised. I knew that he knew his stuff, but I didn’t know that only one person could do the job. He did an outstanding job, and you’d have to look at it for a while to even know that there is secondary glazing on my windows. The increased heat in my home is noticeable, I can barely hear the geese anymore, and the airplanes are a thing of the past. They did the perfect job of matching the overall look of my house. All of the fine points were done to perfection, and it doesn’t even look like a new extension”.

“Some of the conservation people have come around to take a look at it, and they are impressed. I never knew secondary glazing was that quick and easy to install, but the professionals always make things look easy”.

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