Window Installation Services

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Looking for Window Installation in Edmonton You Can Trust?

We are here to help you with your requirements.

Canglow proudly provides efficient installation services for all your fenestration needs, offering a satisfying experience every time. Our team of professional window installers are here to help you through every step of the process – beginning from the first consultation until completion of the project.

From Consultation to Installation

Our services start with understanding your requirements for installation and providing with recommendations on the different options of products and installations types.


We offer a free consultation at your home, when we send in experts to look around and take note of your requirements. We take into consideration your lifestyle needs, choices, budget, interior decor theme and other such factors during the first consultation. We also conduct the first measurements during this time.


After the in home consultation during which the project is finalized, we take the final measure for your window installation needs. Your custom order is then built and readied for the final fittings.

The Installation Process

We set up an installation date that is convenient for you and send our window experts to your home on the specified date and time.

Since installation of the windows might happen while workers are working on other projects at your home, we will liaise with them so every project can go on smoothly. We ensure that there is minimum dust and debris and that we leave the work area clean after the work is completed.

Post installation care

Our expert services don’t just stop there. We go a step further to provide you with customer care services even after the installation services are complete. Sometimes a newly installed window may bring unexpected hitches, and we are to help you with that too.

We believe in establishing long lasting relationships with our clients, and partnering with them in creating beautiful homes. Which is why, we have a strong customer service team that will respond to your queries and offer help whenever you need it.