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Exceptional Window Replacement Services in Alberta and Northwest Territories

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When it comes to replacing your old windows with new ones, Canglow provides an in-house team of professionals that will do everything it takes to get the job done with a standard of excellence and workmanship that exceeds expectations. Things such as damaged or broken windows can be frustrating to deal with, as can cracked window trims. We take care of everything- starting from consultation to installation, Canglow ensures that strict standards are followed so that all customers will feel 100% satisfied. Serving Edmonton, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories, we firmly believe our services will be able to cover any window situation that you are dealing with. We understand how important it is for our customers to have their renovation dreams fulfilled. That’s why we have an in-depth replacement process.

Initial Consultation & Measurement

To get the process started, one of our window professionals pay you a visit and determine just what needs to be done. A variety of measurements will be taken to figure just what type of replacement or work that needs to be conducted. If a replacement is determined to be the best course of action, recommendations will be given on what the best types of windows will suit your needs best, and also what types of installations will work best. After an agreement has been reached, some final measurements will be gathered in order to get the work started.

  • Consultation

    Lashed with heavy rains and heavy snows, Edmonton faces erratic climatic conditions most of the year. If the window.

  • Measurement

    We offer double and triple glazed window panes for replacement to keep out the chill in the winter and heat in the summer months. While working on the project.

  • Removing

    With years of combined experience and expertise in fenestration remodeling services, our expert installers provide the highest quality of service to ensure safety and satisfaction in all of our projects.

  • Installation

    While working on the project we ensure minimum discomfort to the inmates of the house, and remove one window at a time.

Removal, Replacement, And Installation Process

Our professionals are highly skilled and trained at removing old windows from houses and replacing them with brand new ones. We guarantee that we will leave you with a smile on your face after seeing the type of work that we do. We have the most qualified staff that is respectable, friendly and educated on the many different methods of window remodelling. The job we do will be able to withstand any harsh temperatures that Edmonton may throw your way.

Winter Window Replacement

Edmonton deals with a number of different climate conditions throughout the year. Thick snow and large amounts of rain can take its toll on windows. If you start to see fogginess masking up your windows or are starting to feel colder than usual while sitting in the house, it might be a sign that your windows should be replaced. Double and triple glazed window panes will help to keep the cold winter temperatures from invading your space while simultaneously keeping the heat out in summer as well. When our professionals are working on your windows, they do their absolute best to keep disruptions inside your home to an absolute minimum.

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Professional Installers

We’ve said it once, and we can’t stress it enough, our seasoned experts have years of experience in fenestration remodelling services. We provide top service of the highest calibre you will find, and we carry a high amount of pride in the work and craftsmanship we do. Before we even begin to start working, we do a full prep around your windows to ensure the work area is free of any distractions, and to prevent any stalls along the way. You don’t need to worry about dirt around the work area because we will completely clean up any mess and will leave your place in a better condition than how we found it.

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