Broken window? Damaged window? Cracked window trim?
Trust us to handle all your fenestration replacement needs in Edmonton and the rest of Alberta as well as Northwest Territories. Canglow is a leading service provider when it comes to professionally replacing windows with new ones. A team of our in-house expert window installers are ready to offer you their superior workmanship and high standards of excellence.

Your satisfaction is our goal

Whether you have a scratched window or a cracked one, whether you need a part replaced or an entirely new one – our services cover all of your requirements. Every renovation is a broken dream mended, and we understand the value of your dreams. Which is why, we have a thorough replacement process in place.

From consultation to complete installation and beyond – we follow strict quality standards to provide you 100% satisfaction.

Consultation and Measurement

Our consultation process includes one of our window experts visiting your home and assessing the amount of work that needs to be done. They will take the measurements and also ascertain the degree of replacement that needs to be undertaken. In cases of replacement, they will provide recommendation on the window and installation types. Once the project has been agreed upon, we will take the final measurements to start the work.

Removing, Replacing and Installation

Our expertise includes removing old windows and glass to replace them with new ones. We ensure that our services offer you nothing less than 100% satisfaction and a happy smile on your face.

Our staff is friendly, polite and well informed and have years of experience in handling window remodelling services for the harsh Edmonton weather.

Window Replacement in winter

Lashed with heavy rains and heavy snows, Edmonton faces erratic climatic conditions most of the year. If the window glass is getting fogged or if you are feeling the chill even while indoors, you may want to consider our window replacement services.

We offer double and triple glazed window panes for replacement to keep out the chill in the winter and heat in the summer months. While working on the project we ensure minimum discomfort to the inmates of the house, and remove one window at a time. This is done to maintain the indoor temperature as much as possible.

Expert installers

With years of combined experience and expertise in fenestration remodeling services, our expert installers provide the highest quality of service to ensure safety and satisfaction in all of our projects.

We prep your windows and prepare the work area before we start the actual process so that there are no hitches during the work. Don’t worry about dirt and debris. At the end of the project we will clean up the mess, and leave the area the way we found it.

Excellent window replacement and customer satisfaction is our sole aim.

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