Windows And Doors Installation & Replacement Services Blackfalds

Living in Blackfalds, you understand how harsh the weather can be. Has that cold seeped its way into your home? If you haven’t had your windows or doors replaced in years, you are basically inviting the cold in to your home to stay. Once the cold moves in, the only way to get it out is when summer hits but then the heat sneaks in and the cycle repeats itself. Consider upgrading your existing windows and doors to Canglow products. With our windows and doors outfitting your Blackfalds home, you can keep the cold out in the winter and heat away in the summer.

Why Canglow?

Canglow Windows & Doors is an Alberta-based company that manufactures quality products. Our windows and doors are specifically designed to not only stand up to the elements but also keep them out. Mother Nature often has other plans and extreme cold weather can cause windows to crack and warp. With our products, that’s never an issue. They are durable, sustainable, and can be customized to fit your home’s look. Just because your windows are durable doesn’t mean they can’t be gorgeous and fit your tastes exactly. Moreover, we offer installation services because it’d be a waste of your money to purchase your windows and doors at Canglow only to have them put in by an outside company for an astronomical price. With us you get everything under one roof, or should we say, under one window.

Energy-Efficiency for Everyone

At Canglow, we believe that the environment matters. In order to help preserve our planet we are reducing our carbon footprint by producing our product in-house. We also boast our own recycling plant so that the materials that go into the production of our windows and doors can be reused. Furthermore, our products are Energy Star rated and certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because if not, they’d just fall apart. Even though we’re running a green operation, we don’t skimp on production. We utilize advanced German technology to create our windows and doors. We also use lead-free uPVC to adhere to environmental standards and to ensure that our products (and you) breathe better once they’re installed.

Alberta Strong

We are thrilled to contribute to the province’s economy by making our products here in Alberta. We may use cutting-edge German technology but everything we do has Canadian flavour. We know how important it is to make products at home in order to keep the economy strong. We’re glad we can create quality windows and doors and bring jobs to this great province.

If you’re interested in Canglow’s sustainable windows and doors, contact us today. We’re in Edmonton at 14547 118 Avenue (T5L 2M6). Or, give us a ring at (780) 761-2161. You can fax us too at (780) 761-2162. You can even shoot us an email at and we’ll tell you how our products can add value to your Blackfalds home.