Bird watchers love Bonnyville. The town’s most famous spot, Jessie Lake, allows bird lovers to see almost 200 species of foul as they take a dip in the water. As one of the 6,921 of the town’s residents, you know how majestic Bonnyville’s scenery is. Bonnyville provides its population with urban living in a small town setting because it is a hub for the oil and gas industry while maintaining its status as one of the more beautiful Alberta locales. Whether you are an avid bird watcher who works in the oil and gas industry or an avid oil and gas enthusiast who works in nature, if you live in Bonnyville, you need two very important things: sustainable windows and doors for your home.

Canglow Equals Quality

As one of Alberta’s premier window and door manufacturers, we pride ourselves on the quality of our product. On top of crafting custom-made sustainable products, we provide installation services so that when you order windows and doors from us you do not need to look elsewhere to have them fitted. Moreover, our windows and doors are made right here in Alberta because we feel it is important to boost the local economy and create jobs in the province. We adhere to strict industry standards and our meticulous attention to detail on every fenestration unit we create allows us to maintain our status as one of the industry-leading makers of windows and doors.

Lead-Free and Free Of Environmental Hazards

Canglow is green. We possess our own recycling plant made to handle the reusable materials that go into the creation of our products. Our windows are made of 100% lead-free uPVC with double glazed glass panes. Ours doors are composed reinforced steel and fibreglass. Both our windows and doors are durable, sustainable, and ready to stand up to winter weather. Our products are energy-efficient because we feel that it is important to preserve the planet and help you keep your heating and cooling bills low. Canglow’s windows and doors are Energy Star and BBB (Better Business Bureau) rated to ensure that our superior insulation won’t fail, no matter if Mother Nature is raging outside. You know how she can be, especially living in Alberta. If it’s not frosty out, it’s snowing and our products keep the outside exactly where it belongs, outside.

With Canglow windows installed in your home, you don’t even have to go outside to bird watch. See grandiose plumage right through your pristine windows. Contact us today at (780) 761-2161. You can also fax us at (780) 761-2162, reach us by email at or come on by our facility. We’re at 14547 118 Avenue in Edmonton (T5L 2M6).

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