The Village of Boyle has a population of 948. What it lacks in number of residents, it makes up for in charm. The Village’s picturesque scenery – especially in nearby Flat Lake – allow residents to bask in the best that nature has to offer. Between bird watching, golfing, swimming and boating in the summer to snowmobiling, ice fishing and cross country skiing in the winter, there’s something for everyone to enjoy all year round. As a Boyle resident you are familiar with the temperate Alberta climate. The winters that dip way below freezing and the summer weather that borders on scorching can oftentimes make us want to stay at home. However, what do you do when you’re at home and your windows and doors can’t stand up to the Alberta weather?

Windows and Doors Built To Last

At Canglow Windows & Doors we create energy-efficient products that can face the weather head on. In the summer, our windows and doors keep heat out. In the winter they keep heat in. There is no energy loss with our products because they are built to withstand the harsh climate. We are an Alberta-based company that adheres to green practices to ensure that our products are sustainable, durable, and don’t come at the expense of the environment. As a local manufacturer of windows and doors, we are proud to contribute to the province’s economy by providing our customers with Energy Star and Better Business Bureau (BBB) rated products.

The Perfect Value Add

Window and door upgrades go a long way. Your home is your most important asset and there are ways to contribute to its value without breaking the bank. New Canglow windows and doors can add value to your Boyle home because they are energy-efficient, ecological and of course, stunning. By having our products installed in your home, you are boosting your home’s worth. Renovations and upgrades are a great way to up your home’s resale value and even if you don’t plan on selling in the future, adding to the overall worth of your property is never a bad idea.

Precise Attention to Detail

Our products can be custom-made to fit your taste. We tailor our windows and doors to suit your home. We can create intricate designs that match your home’s look. Whether you are in search of modern windows and doors or a more classic aesthetic, we will use our expert craftsmanship to give you exactly what you need. Furthermore, we also take care of installation. Instead of having to hire an outside contractor to have your new Canglow windows and doors put in, we’ll take care of everything.

Our showroom is located at 14547 118 Avenue in Edmonton (T5L 2M6). You can also give us a ring at (780) 761-2161, fax us (780) 761-2162 or email Let us add value to your Boyle home with gorgeous new windows and doors.

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