Located a short drive from Edmonton, Devon is nestled on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. The town maintains 10km of multi-use trails that link the community together. With 6,650 residents, Devon cultivates a small-town atmosphere where everyone knows each other and everyone is family.

We’re Family Too

Canglow Windows & Doors is a family-oriented business. We craft quality windows and doors that are durable, sustainable, and built to last. We’re happy to outfit your Devon home with our superior products because we know that you’ll love our fenestration units. We also provide installation services and are proud to support the local economy by making our products in Canada. Furthermore, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint by adhering to green practices at our facility. We have our own in-house recycling plant to manage waste and reuse the materials that go in to making our windows and doors. Our products are Energy Star and BBB (Better Business Bureau) rated because preserving the environment is important to us.

See the Canglow Difference

Canglow products make a difference in your home. Our windows are made from lead-free uPVC with double glazed glass panes. Our doors are constructed from a combination of steel and fibreglass. Both our doors and windows are strong and built to withstand the elements. Also, all Canglow products are created with the Canadian winters in mind. We’re from here too; we know how harsh the winters can be, especially in Alberta. Whether it’s too cold to leave the house or too hot to go anywhere but the lake, our windows and doors are energy-efficient, sustainable, and durable. Our products lock heat in during the winter and keep heat out in the summer so your energy bill doesn’t skyrocket. In fact, some of our customers reported that their heating and cooling bills were reduced by up to 25%.

Customize the Future of Your Home

Whether you are replacing your existing windows and doors or building a new home, Canglow products are always the right fit. We’ll create custom-made windows and doors to suit your home’s aesthetic. You don’t have to compromise style in order to get energy-efficient products. Additionally, upgrading your fenestration system adds value to your home. Because your home is your greatest asset, the more you put into it, the more it repays you in the long run. Our windows and doors can boost your home’s worth making it more attractive to buyers should you decide to sell, or giving you a better return on your investment. Either way, you’re getting beautiful new windows and doors. It’s a win/win.

Only a fifteen-minute drive from Devon, we invite you to visit our Edmonton showroom and see the Canglow difference up close. We’re located at 14547 188 Avenue (T5L 2M6). For more information about our products please call (780) 761-2161, fax us at (780)761-2162 or contact us via email info@canglow.ca.

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