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Fairview is a little town in the heart of the Peace Country in northern Alberta. The Hamlet of Fairview was established in 1928 when the railroad was lengthened west from Whitelaw, all the way through the Beaver Indian Reserve. November 2, 1928, was the date that the first train made its way through Fairview. On April 22, 1929, the hamlet was incorporated as a village and in 1949, the village was then incorporated into what is now known as the Town of Fairview. From 2011 to 2016, the Town of Fairview has seen a slight population decrease of 164 people which makes its current population hover around 2,998. Fairview contains a number of different attractions such as the Fairview Aquatic Centre, Fairview Golf Course, the Fairplex where people can skate, and the Fairview Ski Hill. Being a northern community, Fairview residents see their fair share of the bitter, cold winters. To ensure that your home is well equipped to deal with the cold elements that winter bombards people with, having proper windows is one of the biggest and best ways to do that. At Canglow Windows & Doors, it is our job to provide and install only the highest quality windows so that you can rest easy at night knowing that the cold air is staying outside where it should be.

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    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

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Many people don’t realize just how important windows are and how much technology has changed over the years. Most old windows were single-pane glass ones with wood frames. Single-pane glass is considered old technology and homes that still have these types of windows will evidently suffer from energy loss throughout the winter months. Our Canglow windows are made from incredibly high quality, 100% lead-free uPVC available in double or triple glazing. The durability and longevity that our windows have is a result of excellent craftsmanship that has been designed by dedicated professionals. We also live through the cold winters and realize how important it is to have good windows equipped in the home.

That’s why we only use the best materials that provide a permanent air and watertight seal which will keep the cold air from getting in during winter, and keep the warm air outside during the summer. Our products have passed the energy rating test with flying colours, and this will ensure that you will conserve energy and reduce costs on every monthly bill. Our past customers have stated that they have seen decreases in their energy bills by up to 25%. Hearing these types of reviews puts a smile on our faces because it informs us that we are on the right track as a business in making our customers happy.

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Canglow’s Positive Environmental Impact

One thing we like our customers to know is that we have a green mindset and are always thinking of how our manufacturing practices affect the environment. At our facility, we have a recycling centre that takes care of all of the reusable materials that are used to produce our windows and doors. Producing great windows and doors doesn’t have to be done at the cost of the environment. We are always doing everything we can to reduce the amount of waste that is being produced. Older windows typically require a lot more maintenance than newer styles of windows. On the newer ones, exterior glass is much easier to access and this makes cleaning much more convenient. With older windows, your hand would typically feel cold if you touched the glass on a cold, winter day. With the double and triple glazed windows that Canglow installs, this would feel much different. The insulation is just better and the windows will have an increased ability to keep out the outdoor sounds.

Window Replacement

Window replacement doesn’t need to be a frustrating process and Canglow Windows & Doors will make the whole experience as smooth as possible. Depending on if you just need a part of your window replaced, or if you require a whole new unit, the services we provide can get it done quickly and efficiently. Quality standards are strictly followed wherever we go, right from the initial free consultation, all the way to post-installation. The many years of combined experience that our professional installers have will become evident once they step into your house and begin the work. The work area will be prepared beforehand so no hiccups are encountered along the way, and all traces of dirt will be completely cleaned up so it will look as if we weren’t even there. You will only be left with brand new windows, a more comfortable environment, and lower monthly energy bills.

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