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Deep in the heart of Northern Alberta lies a small town called Grimshaw that is located about 25 km west of the Peace River. Not many people have heard of this town, but it was named after Dr. M.E. Grimshaw who was a pioneer doctor who hailed from Kingston, Ontario. He settled in the Peace River in 1914 and practiced for a number of years. Grimshaw has a slim population of around 2718 people that live in just over 1,100 different private dwellings. Being a northern community, Grimshaw is not immune to the cold and harsh climate that affects many people throughout the various northern communities of Canada. Having top quality windows is vital in ensuring your house will remain energy-efficient, warm, and comfortable. We at Canglow recognize how irritating it is coming home after work to a cold and drafty house with fogged up windows.

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    With 2,718 residents, Grimshaw toes the line between quaint.

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    Canglow Windows & Doors build our products to last.

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    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

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    Our windows and doors are made with lead-free

Products Built For Your Peace Of Mind

Windows that are fogged up and are giving off a cool draft is a sure sign that window replacement should be done promptly. Window replacement can be a tedious task if you’ve never had the chance to learn the installation process yourself. Canglow Windows & Doors is a Canadian company that provides products that are specifically built to last. Our products are designed to stand up to every different element that the four seasons of Canada has to offer. From heavy rains to blistering heat to cold and dry winters, our windows will keep the outside out and the comfort in.

The windows and doors we install are made of lead-free uPVC and are paramount in ensuring that energy loss is the least of your worries. Throughout the long and cold winter months, our professional window installation services will make sure that your home in Grimshaw will keep in the heat. In the hot summer months, our windows are designed to keep heat out. When you do a new window installation on a new home or are just doing a window replacement on an existing home, you can rest assured that Canglow products will end up saving you money on your energy bills at the end of each month. Some of our customers have reported that they reduced their bill by 25%. We recognize that every tiny bit of savings counts and one of our goals is to help you conserve energy and money.

We provide many different types of windows and they all come with a lifetime warranty. Some of the different styles of windows we offer are awning, casement, double slider, double-hung, single slider, single hung, end vent slider, and picture windows. Each type of window has its own set of specific advantages and benefits based on what situation and environment you are putting them in.

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Sustainable, Energy-Efficient, and Green

As we manufacture our windows and doors, one of the important things that is always in the back of our minds is our adherence to strict green practices. The products we use are certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and are Energy Star rated. With our own recycling centre right in the facility, it is equipped to take on all of the reusable materials that are used in window and door manufacturing. Hurting the environment is the last thing we want to do and we firmly believe that creating beautiful doors and windows can be done without having a negative impact on it. Just like preserving your house with new windows is at the pinnacle of our priorities, preserving the planet is also at the forefront of our minds, starting right here at our Canadian facility. It's easy to be green and we are proud to do it!

The Eyes Of Your Residence

Just as our eyes are what we see out of, windows and doors are the same way in that they enable you to see out of your home, and they are something that you are going to want to preserve and maintain. They keep out the harsh elements, let you in and out of them, and are also an indicator of what type of tastes you have. Depending on your unique taste, our products are fully customizable, so you don't have to worry about being stuck with a product that doesn't suit you. ⠀We know that installing a new window isn't something everyone can just pick up and do, which is why our team of window installation service experts will be with you every step of the way. The only thing you need to worry about while we install new windows in your home is where you are going to sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

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