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Olds is a small town that is located around 90 kilometres north of Calgary and 208 kilometres south of Edmonton. There are around 9,184 residents in Olds that enjoy the combination of small-town living and large city amenities. Olds is known to be the first community-owned broadband fibre-optic network in all of Canada. Olds is popular for its college named Olds College, and it contains agricultural, fashion retail, and land use planning programs. Geographically, Olds is in the Grassland region of Alberta.
Winters can get harshly cold in this small town and people need to ensure that they and their homes are prepared for the deep freeze. One of the most efficient and simplest ways to prepare your home for the winter is to make sure that your windows are in good shape. If you are noticing any cold and drafty air coming in or see any fog within any of your windows, then it might be time to consider doing a window replacement, as these are tell-tale signs that the windows are nearing the end of their life. We at Canglow Windows & Doors like to make the window installation process as straightforward as we can for our valued customers.

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    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

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    Our windows and doors are made with lead-free

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If you’ve never had the time to learn how to do a proper window replacement before, then you don`t have to worry, because Canglow Windows & Doors has got you covered. We are a highly reputable company that specializes in installing high-quality windows with professionalism that can’t be matched by any competitor. Our windows are the most affordable on the current market, we offer fantastic financing terms, and all of our products come with a lifetime warranty for your added peace of mind. During the manufacturing process of our windows, we consciously recognize that they have to be built to be able to withstand the cold. That why we use double and triple glazing and provide a permanent air and watertight seal to make sure that you are getting the best energy efficiency possible. All of our products have passed the energy rating test which further proves that your monthly energy bills will be reduced. Many customers have come back to us after choosing us to do a window replacement for them and stated that their monthly energy bills have been reduced by as much as 25%.

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Canglow manufactures lead-free uPVC windows that are specifically designed to keep the cold air out of your home throughout the winter months and the hot air out throughout the summer months. The longevity of our windows will last through even the harshest winter that comes your way. Professional craftsmanship and only the best equipment is used to make your vision a reality. One of the things that we take very seriously at Canglow Windows & Doors is environmental sustainability. All of the materials that we use are recycled directly in our own recycling facility located on-site. Behind every task that we do, we consciously believe that the environment doesn’t have to be negatively affected when we are manufacturing great products for your home. Preserving the planet is at the top of our priority list. We are also Better Business Bureau certified and we can’t stress it enough how much emphasis we put on customer care. We actually don’t even like to see our customers as just customers. We like to see them as our friends, and we treat our friends with the utmost care and respect. We know that windows are an investment into your home and into your future, and we appreciate anyone that considers or chooses us for their next window installation or window replacement.

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