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Canada is as cold as it is beautiful. With long winters, hot summers, and heavy weather, it’s no surprise that good quality windows and doors are a must. Not to mention the installation of those windows and doors must be done correctly. Here at Wainwright, you can be confident in your home’s ability to stand up to the elements. With our products in place, you won’t have to worry about endless repairs or replacement. Our products are designed to last. In the unlikely scenario that our products need repair or replacement, Wainwright is still at your service. More importantly, when products from other brands inevitably break down, Wainwright will be waiting for your call. Out with the old, and in with the new. Don’t settle for cheap, outdated, and ineffective products. Contact us today. You won’t regret it.

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    Canglow Windows & Doors build our products to last.

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    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

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    Our windows and doors are made with lead-free

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Our products are only made with the best material available. After all, to survive the freezing cold of Canadian winters, the blazing heat of summers, and the inevitable storm surges that we're well known for, your windows and doors need to be resilient and robust. The elements are no match at all for what Wainwright offers. Made from uPVC that's one hundred percent free of lead, your windows will not just last as long as you need them to, but they'll actually save you money in the long run! That's right; by diminishing heat loss and keeping hot air in, customers have been known to see a twenty-five percent reduction in monthly heating bills. Not to mention your A/C bills in those long hot months during the summer.

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Built The Environmentally Friendly Way

Here at Wainwright, all of our products are built with the environment in mind. Our manufacturing and distribution processes are specifically designed to conserve and preserve the environment around us. Every product created by Wainwright has been rated as phenomenal by Energy Star, and most importantly, by our customers. All of our unused and leftover material is handled by our own staff and is repurposed and reused. By honouring our commitment to maintaining and protecting the environment, we are proud to say that our quality products are not based on the destruction of the environment. They are based on green, economical, and quality processes. Processes that we here at Wainwright are proud of.

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