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Jasper is located in western Alberta and is right in the centre of Jasper National Park, which is home to the Canadian Rockies. It is just over 360 km west of Edmonton and about 290 km north of Banff. The town of Jasper was established as a municipality on July 20, 2001, and its governance is shared between the federal Parks Canada agency and the municipality itself. The history of Jasper dates back to 1813 when Jasper House was initially a North West Company which later became Hudson’s Bay Company.

In 1907, Jasper National Park was formed. Jasper wasn’t accessible from Edmonton until 1931. Jasper is situated in the Athabasca River valley and has a humid continental/subarctic climate. There are currently around 4,600 people living in Jasper in just over 1,700 private dwellings. For Canglow Windows & Doors, getting out to Jasper is always a treat because we get to help out our valued customers with all of their window installation services. The coldest temperature that Jasper has ever experienced was -47.2 degrees Celcius in January 1916. We at Canglow wish we were around to help people out with windows back then, but we are now, and we want our customers to know that.

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    With 4,600 residents, Jasper toes the line between quaint.

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    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

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    Our windows and doors are made with lead-free

Canglow Windows & Doors

Canglow Windows & Doors constructs products to last as long as possible. We know how cold the Canadian winters can get in Jasper and need our customers to know that there are products out there that will help keep their homes protected from all of the elements. Because we understand that the cold can have such an effect on people and homes, our products are specifically crafted to protect them from the harsh climate. Our products are made with lead-free uPVC which is extremely beneficial in combatting energy loss. Throughout the long, cold winter months, our windows will help to keep all of the heat inside. In the summer months, our windows will keep all of the heat out. If you choose to install Canglow windows in your house, you will most likely save a decent chunk of change on heating and cooling bills at the end of the month. Many of our customers have been able to save 10 to 25% on their monthly bills, and we take pride in knowing that we helped them do so.

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The Canglow Process

Whether you are installing windows in your new home or just replacing them in your old home, our goal is to help you with all of your window needs. We want our customers to feel completely satisfied each and every time they use our services. We have a lot of pride in our team of professional window installers and if you choose window installation services from Canglow, they will be with you every step of the way.

The first step starts with an initial consultation in getting a better grasp on what type of requirements you have for installation. We can then provide you with some recommendations on the various options and products that can fit your specific situation. This consultation is completely free and we will take into consideration what your unique tastes in windows are, your budget, the current overall decor theme in your home, and what type of measurements we are dealing with. After final measurements, your customized order will then be built and we can begin the installation process on a date and time that is suitable for you. We want every step of the way to go smoothly and have a high degree of respect for your people’s homes. We will make 100% sure that there will be no mess left afterwards and that your home will be in better shape than when we started. After the installation is complete, we don’t just leave our customers hanging. We will follow up with you with customer care services to ensure that everything is just right.

Canglow Products

For customers in Jasper and the rest of Alberta, Canglow specializes in offering high-end windows with double/triple glazing. You can be confident in the durability of our windows even on the coldest days of the year. Rain, frost, or even hail, your windows are going to work well for the foreseeable future. Accurate craftsmanship and attention to detail combined with complex designs give rise to vibrant, elegant windows that add a fair amount of value to your house. The sustainability of the environment is something that we take very seriously, and we make sure that we do everything we can for it.100% of the materials that we use are recycled. This eliminates a large quantity of waste being disposed of and evidently makes the earth a greener place to live in. A green mindset that drives our every step is behind our diligent efforts to maintain efficiency. Our windows are efficient and have passed the energy rating test which further reveals their ability to help you conserve energy and reduce your bills.

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