Beautiful Lac La Biche is a hamlet in Alberta where you’ll find sprawling camp grounds, Lakeland Provincial Park, a gorgeous golf course and fun family festivals like Pow Wow Days and the Winter Festival of Speed. Living in gorgeous Lac La Biche, you need windows and doors for your home that can stand up to the weather. Winters in Alberta can be vicious and the summers way too hot. With Canglow Windows & Doors you get quality craftsmanship and energy-efficient prodcuts.

What We Do

At Canglow, we are manufacturers of premium windows and doors that stand up to the elements. Our sustainable products can outmatch the brutal Alberta winters by keeping heat locked inside your home. Some windows are made with shoddy workmanship and allow heat to escape during the cold months. Not our windows. They are energy-efficient and capable of battling heat as it tries to escape. In the summer, our windows keep cool air in so it doesn’t feel like a sauna in your house. Our products are so energy-efficient that when you switch to a Canglow fenestration system, you can save up to 25% on your heating and cooling bill.

Proud to Be Green

Our products are designed to be energy-efficient because we care about the planet. We are environmentally conscious and doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint. Our windows and doors are 100% lead-free and sustainable. We boast our own on-premise recycling plant to control waste and reuse the materials we feed into the production of our products. Certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Energy Star rated, our windows and doors are made right here in Alberta. We do not rely on imported materials to craft our products and we are proud to make a positive contribution to our local industry.

Custom-Made Products for All Tastes

Just because our windows and doors are energy-efficient and made using green practices, doesn’t mean that they’re generic looking. Canglow lets you call the shots when it comes to your windows and doors. Customize your purchase to suit your needs and fit into your Lac La Biche home’s total aesthetic. After all, it’s your home and you should decide how everything looks. Another great thing about our windows and doors is that they add value to your property. Regular renovations, particularly new windows and doors, contribute to your home’s worth. Your home is your greatest asset and we’re happy to create windows and doors that up its value.

Experience the Canglow difference when you let us install quality windows and doors in your Lac La Biche home. We’re available by phone (780) 761-2161, fax (780) 761-2162, email or come see us in person in our Edmonton showroom, 14547 118 Avenue (T5L 2M6).

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