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Manning is a small town of nearly 1,200 people and over the years, the population hasn’t seen too many drastic increases or decreases. Land of the Mighty Moose has been one of the nicknames for Manning and it is located around 75 km north of Peace River. Some of the industries in Manning are forestry, agriculture, and gas. Postal authorities initially tried to name the town “Aurora”, but this didn’t pass because of the confusion that might be created with Aurora in Ontario. The community agreed upon the name Manning at a public meeting in 1947 in honour of the premier of Alberta, Ernest Manning, who held the position between 1943 to 1968. Manning is known as one of the most recent towns in the north and it is a paradise for hunters. The subarctic climate that Manning has means that people need to have fully protected homes from the outdoor elements, especially in the cold winter months.

Manning has reached -51 degrees Celcius on more than one occasion, and this type of cold can be extremely dangerous. If you have old windows in your home that are in need of repair, temperatures this cold can severely increase your energy costs every month. To get started on installing a new window, Canglow Windows & Doors is here to help with that.

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    With 1,200 residents, Manning toes the line between quaint.

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    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

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    Our windows and doors are made with lead-free

Why A Window Replacement?

Replacing your old, worn-down windows with brand new ones is one of the factors that can increase the return on your real estate investment. Not only do they lower energy costs every month, but they will make you more comfortable, lower the noises coming from outside, and help you maintain your house easier. Many people think that new windows are just another added expense, but it is actually an extremely valuable investment, and older homes that still have single-pane windows are the source of nearly 70% of a home’s heat loss. Windows also provide UV protection for interior walls, furniture, and flooring which will, in turn, increase the lifespan and overall quality of the home’s interior.

Little maintenance is required for newer windows and this is something that will give you added time for other things. Canglow Windows & Doors specializes in only the best quality lead-free uPVC windows that come in double or triple glazes. No matter how cold, frosty, windy, or snowy it is outside, Canglow windows will last for the foreseeable future.

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Canglow Windows & Doors

Being a Canadian company, we fully understand how harsh Canadian winters can get. Because of this, we specifically design our products to protect against this harshness from the elements. The entire goal of our windows is to keep the cold locked outside throughout the winter months and to keep the heat outside in the summer months. Our products contain a permanent air and watertight seal to make sure of this. If you decide to choose us for a full window installation service, you can be sure that you will save money on your cooling and heating bill every month. Some of our customers have stated that they have saved up to 25% on their monthly bills because of our windows in their homes.

Hearing these types of things makes us at Canglow proud because it shows we are doing our job efficiently. From awning, casement, double slider, double-hung, single slider, single hung, end vent slider, to picture windows, our wide assortment of products is sure to fit into everyone’s tastes. If you can’t manage to find a window style that you like, then you can also get it customized to fit your uniqueness. Our products have passed the energy rating test which means they are proven to help conserve energy and lower your costs.

Canglow Is A Green Company

We take pride in being able to say we take environmental sustainability earnestly and very seriously. We are so serious about green practices that we have a recycling centre in our own facility that is able to reuse all of the materials in the manufacturing process of the doors and windows. Hurting the environment simply isn’t something that needs to be done when we are producing the products designed for your home. High-quality products and services are the motivating and driving factor that sets Canglow Windows & Doors from the competition. We have an extremely proficient reputation and it is our goal to maintain that reputation by providing you with the absolute best services possible. After we finish installing windows in your home, you will barely know that we were even there because every last bit of dust and debris will be cleaned up. Our customer care team will stay in touch with you to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your installation service.

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