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Located in Alberta’s heartland around 170 kilometres east of Edmonton, Mannville is a small village that consists of a population of around 828 people that reside in around 377 private dwellings. The village was named after the vice-president of the CN Railway, Sir Donald Mann. Mannville boasts terrific scenes of river valleys and breathtaking rolling fields that encaptures some of Alberta’s most picture-worthy backdrops. Canglow Windows & Doors is proud to serve the residents of Mannville and help them make it through the harsh cold temperatures of winter by installing only the best products on the market that will keep the homes warm.

Why Choose Us

  • Excellent Reputation

    With 828 residents, Mannville toes the line between quaint.

  • Best Financing Terms

    Canglow Windows & Doors build our products to last.

  • Life Time Warranty

    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

  • Huge Selection

    Our windows and doors are made with lead-free

Canglow Products

Canglow products are specifically built to last a long time. Being Canadian residents ourselves, we recognize that the products designed needed to exceed durability requirements to protect homes from the cold air getting in throughout winter and keep the hot air out in summer. Our windows are manufactured with lead-free uPVC and are available in double or triple glazing which provides an added measure of insulation which will resultingly keep energy costs at a minimum. When we have customers contacting us back after we provide window installation services to them saying that they have noticed that their monthly energy bills have decreased by nearly 25%, it makes us happy because we know we are on the right track. Our windows have passed the energy rating test and this proves they help conserve energy and save you money.

Window replacement doesn’t need to be seen as another added expensive renovation. It should be seen as an investment in your home that will add value. Not only does it add value, but it lets in more light and increased natural lighting has been shown to improve people’s moods. We have a variety of products available to our customers and their unique tastes. Awning windows, casement, double slider, double-hung, single slider, single hung, end vent slider, and picture windows are some of the many styles that we can install. If you can’t manage to find one that you think will fit nicely into your home, we can also customize windows for you.

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Green And Sustainable

When we manufacture our products, we have a green mentality at the backbone of everything that we do. All of the materials that we use are recycled and this helps lower the amount of waste that is disposed of. We have a recycling centre located directly in our facility that takes care of all of the materials used to produce our elegant windows. When producing windows and doors, having a negative impact on the environment simply isn’t something that needs to be done. Preserving the planet is one of our goals and we take pride in telling people we are a green company.

Canglow Reputation

We have developed a tremendously positive reputation over the years in Edmonton and all over Alberta because of our assurance of maintaining only the best products, utilizing the most professional and dedicated team of professionals, and providing customer service that sets us fields apart from the competition. When we finish installing a new window in your home, we don’t just stop there, our customer care team keeps in touch to make sure that everything is still looking how it should be when it was installed. Many times customers might even call us back before we get a chance to call them because they are so excited about their new windows. Our products are the best and most affordable ones that you will find anywhere throughout the local market because they are produced by the most efficient equipment in the entire industry. URBAN machinery is responsible for manufacturing our products and they are assembled with state of the art German technology.

If you or anyone that you know might be interested in doing a complete window installation on a new home or are just wanting a few windows replacement in your existing home, feel free to reach out to us today for a free consultation.

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