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Looking for new windows & doors for your Provost home? Well, look no further with Canglow. Canglow has high-quality products for all your windows and doors needs, designed with your style and comfort in mind. We offer window and door repairs, window and door replacements, and window and door installation services from start to finish. Our Canglow staff is highly skilled, detail-oriented experts in their craft, and truly go above and beyond to make your home feel cozy, yet contemporary. Canglow only offers superior energy-efficient products to ensure our clients enjoy maximum comfort in their homes. Our core values are directly reflected by the staff throughout our various Canadian locations, committed to serving you with quality, professionalism, and care for you, and your home.

Why Choose Us

Why Go With Canglow?

When the time rolls around that you finally decide to replace your old, drafty windows that let in cold air in winter, we at Canglow Windows & Doors come equipped with an entire team of experts that go above and beyond what it takes to make all of our customers happy. Issues like scratched or destroyed glass, cracked window trims, or foggy windows can be a nuisance to deal with. All you have to do is sit back and relax while we take care of the process from start to finish. Everything from the initial free consultation, all the way to post-installation, Canglow Windows & Doors strictly adheres to industry standards to ensure that everyone we do business with is more than satisfied.

Canglow windows are built to last and endure the cold and dreary winters. They also contain a lifetime warranty, so you can rest peacefully knowing that they are completely covered no matter what. Our wide selection of different window styles will fit your unique tastes and if you can’t find one that you particularly like, we can always customize it however you would like.

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Green And Sustainable

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our minds in every task that we set our minds to as a company. We always think of how our work will affect the environment, and this is why we have a recycling center directly in our facility. All of the materials that we use to produce great windows and doors are recycled. As a result, the amount of waste that is disposed of is very minimal. Energy efficiency is also a huge factor that goes into the design and craftsmanship of our windows.

Our products have successfully passed the energy rating test which proves how energy efficient they are and their ability to reduce monthly costs on your heating and cooling bills. We have had customers come back to us reporting that their monthly energy bills are nearly 25% lower than what they were before we came in and did the window installation or window replacement. If you feel like you want to check out our showroom of windows and see how they might look inside your house, feel free to pay us a visit and we will be happy to show you around. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you have and guide you in the best direction towards your goal of getting your windows replaced with fresh, new, durable, and energy-saving ones.

Your satisfaction is our goal

Become a registered dealer with Canglow today, and rest assured that the only windows you use for your projects are the most cutting-edge, technically sound windows on the market. Register below, and see the Canglow difference for yourself. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.