Once a trading fort, the town of Rocky Mountain House has come a long way since humble 18th century beginnings. With 6,933 residents, the sense of community is strong and everyone is welcome. Located in west-central Alberta, the town has an abundance of amazing scenery and recreational spaces that allow for ice climbing, skating, dog-sledding, hiking, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, fishing, golfing, and kayaking. That’s enough to keep the good people of Rocky Mountain House busy while we install gorgeous new windows and doors in their homes.

Alberta Windows and Doors

We are an Alberta-based family-oriented company. Canglow Windows & Doors has been providing homes across the province with quality products since our inception. We manufacture every window and door in-house in order to contribute to the local economy and the greater economy of our country. Designing sustainable products and helping create jobs in the province is our bread and butter or more like our windows and doors. We also provide installation of our products so you don’t have to use outside contractors to have beautiful new Canglow windows and doors put into your home.

The Little Things Matter

When you’re one of the leading manufacturers of windows and doors in the country, you can’t lose your attention to detail. Our windows are made from lead-free uPVC and steel reinforced vinyl. Our doors are constructed from steel and fibreglass. Both our windows and doors are durable and made to last. We take every step of the manufacturing process seriously and our defined craftsmanship goes unmatched in the industry. The strength of our products assure their longevity and you can rest easy knowing that your Canglow windows and doors will hold steady for many years in all weather. Moreover, we fit our windows with Super Spacer® warm edge spacers to keep warm air out in the summer and from escaping in the winter.

Keeping Your Windows and Doors Green

We adhere to the highest environmental standards so we can lower our carbon footprint and create sustainable windows and doors. Our facility is equipped with our very own recycling plant. This plant is key to helping us reduce waste and reuse the materials that are important for the manufacturing of our products. Even though our doors and windows are Energy Star and Better Business Bureau (BBB) certified, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be customized. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the overall aesthetic of your home in order to have environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient windows and doors. With Canglow products, you get products that are green, long lasting, and crafted the way you want.

Visit our Edmonton showroom or call us today to see how we can provide your Rocky Mountain House home with new gorgeous windows and doors.
We’re located at 14547 118 Avenue (T5L 2M6) or you can call us (780) 761-2161, fax us (780) 761-2162 or drop us a line via email info@canglow.ca.

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