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Sherwood Park is a fairly big hamlet located in Alberta that has a population of around 70,618. It is within Strathcona County and even though it has a population big enough to be considered Alberta’s seventh-largest city, it still holds onto the status of a hamlet. Established in 1955, Sherwood Park is recognized by the Government of Alberta to have an urban service area that is equivalent to a city. Initially, Sherwood Park was known as Campbelltown by John Hook Campbell and John Mitchell back in 1953. It wasn’t until 1955 that the first residential homes were marketed to the public. Because of a number of other towns also called Campbelltown throughout Canada, Canada Post decided to intervene in that and Sherwood Park became the new name of the community in 1956. When winter rolls around in Sherwood Park, there are a lot of residents that might deal with cold and drafty windows that might cause a reduction in overall energy efficiency and higher monthly bills. Our goal at Canglow Windows & Doors is to provide exceptional window installation services so customers can be more comfortable, enjoy more money in their bank because of the monthly energy savings, and increase the overall value and aesthetics of their homes.

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    With 70,618 residents, Sherwood Park toes the line between quaint.

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    In the warm months, our windows keep heat out.

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    Our windows and doors are made with lead-free

Long-Lasting Windows

Our customers love the durability and longevity that our lead-free uPVC double or triple glazed windows provide. Our windows also provide a permanent air and watertight seal so that you will be guaranteed that the cold air will stay out in winters, and the warm air will stay out in summers. We are so sure of our products that they come with a lifetime warranty. Our windows are manufactured from the most outstanding production equipment in the entire industry, and the world-class products that we offer our customers at the most affordable rates set our company miles ahead of the competition. We know as well as anyone that winters can get cold and uncomfortable, but they simply don’t have to be. Equipping your home with Canglow windows is a sure way to bring the glow back to your home, both inside and out. We have a wide selection of window styles to choose from such as awning windows, casement windows, double slider windows, double-hung windows, single slider windows, single hung windows, end vent slider windows, and picture windows. If none of the styles seem to fit your home just how you like, we can always customize them for you as well. We love it when we have customers contact us back after a window replacement stating that they have saved up to 25% on their monthly energy bill.

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Environmentally Sustainable And Green

Our company has a green mentality in everything we set our minds to. When we manufacture our windows, all of the materials used are recycled right in our own recycling facility located on-site. This helps eliminate the amount of waste being disposed of and lowers the overall carbon footprint to a bare minimum. Producing fantastic windows that are beautiful and affordable doesn’t have to be done at the expense of the environment, and we take pride in saying that we do everything we can to preserve it. Our windows have passed the energy rating test which proves just how energy efficient they are. We want our valued customers to know that replacing windows in a home shouldn’t be seen as another frustrating, added expense. Not only will new windows add value to your home, but studies have also shown that more natural light can actually increase your overall mood. No one likes coming home to a cold and dreary house with foggy windows that you can barely see out of. We work with our customers and provide the best financing options you will find anywhere, and the best customer service experience that will leave a smile on your face when you are showing your friends your new windows.

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