The name Wetaskiwin translates to “the hills where peace was made”. The town’s name is a derivative of a Cree word and it couldn’t be more fitting. Wetaskiwin is a peaceful area where the 12,621 residents are friendly and it’s hard not to feel embraced by the irresistible sense of community the town has to offer. The town is home to the Peace Cairn, raised to honour sixty years of peace between the Blackfoot and Cree nations. Speaking of peace, what about peace and quiet? Do your windows and doors offer enough peace and quiet against the outside world? Can they protect you against Mother Nature and everything she throws at Albertans during the colder months?

Canglow Knows the Weather

We are Canglow Windows & Doors and we’re as Alberta as the good people of Wetaskiwin. We create our products so that they can stand up to the climate, no matter the season. Our windows and doors are specifically designed to keep heat from entering in the summer and keep it from leaving during the winter. We equip our windows with Super Spacer® warm edge spacers to ensure that no energy is lost. Most of our clients report that after the installation of our products, their heating and cooling bills have dropped anywhere between 10-25%! It is important to us, as an Alberta company to not only create energy-efficient products but also make a positive contribution to the province’s economy. We are proud to be a member of the community and make gorgeous windows and doors that outfit the homes of Wetaskiwin and beyond.

Customizable, Environmentally-Friendly Doors and Windows

Our contributions do not end on the community level and extend far beyond those of a traditional window manufacturer. We are committed to keeping our environment intact and adhere to green practices in our facility. We possess our very own recycling plant to control waste disposal, lower our carbon footprint, and ensure that our process doesn’t harm the planet. We create sustainable products that last and look great. We can customize our windows and doors to suit your Wetaskiwin home depending on your tastes. No matter what design or style you want, we will craft it for you.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Imagine you could purchase beautiful energy-efficient windows and doors without having to install them yourself or hire an outside contractor to have them put in? With Canglow you don’t have to worry about doing the heavy lifting or hiring someone else, because installation is one of our services. We want you to enjoy your brand new windows and doors without having to lift a finger.

Let us outfit your Wetaskiwin home with beautiful new windows and doors. Visit our Edmonton facility at 14547 118 Avenue (T5L 2M6). You can also call us at (780) 761-2161, fax us at (780) 761-2162, or send us an email at

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