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Looking for new windows & doors for your Whitecourt home? Well, look no further with Canglow. Canglow has high-quality products for all your windows and doors needs, designed with your style and comfort in mind. We offer window and door repairs, window and door replacements, and window and door installation services from start to finish. Our Canglow staff is highly skilled, detail-oriented experts in their craft, and truly go above and beyond to make your home feel cozy, yet contemporary. Canglow only offers superior energy-efficient products to ensure our clients enjoy maximum comfort in their homes. Our core values are directly reflected by the staff throughout our various Canadian locations, committed to serving you with quality, professionalism, and care for you, and your home.

Why Choose Us

Airtight Windows and Doors

Canglow Windows & Doors is a premier manufacturer of quality fenestration units that are built to last. Our products are designed to combat the Alberta weather – no matter what season it is – and make sure energy loss doesn’t occur. Our products are not only energy-efficient but they’ve passed the energy-rating test proving that they help conserve energy and can lower your monthly bills. Some of our customers report that they’ve saved up to 25% on their heating and cooling bills. Who knew windows and doors could be so good to your wallet? We knew that's why we’re so proud to make products that Albertans can count on during a snowstorm and on sunny days.

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Match Your Home’s Look

Oftentimes when you need to upgrade your windows and doors, you can’t find the exact ones you want. With Canglow, you will. One of our main goals is to provide the good people of Whitecourt with windows and doors that not only save energy but also fit their home’s aesthetic. Your home is where you spend most of your time and you put much effort into making sure it looks the way you want. We can customize our products so that they don’t compromise your home’s overall look. We’ll make sure you get exactly what you want and we’ll even install the doors and windows for you. Instead of having to rely on outside contractors to take care of the installation process, Canglow has you covered.

The Value of Being Green

Our products may come in a variety of colors but deep down, they’re as green as they come. We adhere to environmental practices at our facility because we want to help preserve the planet. Our windows and doors are Energy Star and BBB (Better Business Bureau) certified. Green products can improve your home and add value to it. Even if you have no plans to sell your Whitecourt property, adding to its worth ensures that you are getting a great return on your investment.

Upgrade to gorgeous, custom-crafted Canglow doors and windows and turn your Whitecourt home into an energy-saving palace. Drop by our Edmonton showroom, 14547 118 Avenue (T5L 2M6), give us a call (780) 761-2161, fax us (780) 761-2162 or contact us via email Let us improve your home today.

Your satisfaction is our goal

Become a registered dealer with Canglow today, and rest assured that the only windows you use for your projects are the most cutting-edge, technically sound windows on the market. Register below; and see the Canglow difference for yourself. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.