Custom Vinyl Windows Manufacturers

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Vinyl is an unmatched choice for window frames – it provides excellent durability and is capable of providing more insulation than traditional wooden frames. Wood and aluminum have been ruling the hearts of home owners as the primary window frame choice till now, but with our Canglow custom vinyl windows Edmonton clients have warmed up to this contemporary option.

Made from 100% lead free uPVC our vinyl windows are customized to suit the measurements of your home. Whether you are replacing your old, discolored wooden frames or installing new windows, our vinyl windows cater to every need. Colorful choices are available thanks to the specially formulated paints, so whichever hue you wish your window frame to be, we can produce it for you!

Our vinyl windows constitute a whole unit of fusion welded frame and sash creating strength and durability. This method of construction makes the frames weather resistant and also seals the corners to provide extra insulation. Teamed with our range of excellent Low E glasses and other weather resistant panes, our windows help lower your energy bills in both summer and winter.

The sturdy frames also lessen air filtration and help maintain the temperature inside your home.
Our custom vinyl windows are manufactured keeping the specific measurements provided by the client. There is always a slight difference in measurement of all windows, and if you are replacing your old ones, chances are that mass produced ones won’t fit your existing frame. At Canglow each window will be manufactured according to the measurements of your home, so you can get the best fit.

Choose from a wide range of vinyl window styles like Awnings, Casement, Bay & Bow, Fixed Casement and many more options.