Wood Trim, The Final Step In Interior Remodelling

  • Justin Woo
  • January 22, 2020
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With just a few bundles and a power nailer, you can upgrade your home’s design in the shortest time, you just need a weekend or two. This is the reason why trim is such great stuff. Trim gives you a quick change to your home. It will have visitors to your home admiring your upgrade and wondering how you managed to achieve it in a short time.
In a purely visual sense, trim is much like when you trim off ragged edges. You can also think of it as outlining particular areas of a picture. Trimming gives any room a crisp and finished look. In terms of functionality, trimming covers a lot of gaps. For instance, some parts of a home are not covered up, take flooring for example. There are some parts where the flooring and walls do not meet. Baseboards can be used to cover the gap. We have put this guide together to give you a closer look at the four basic types of tripping you will use in your home.

Door and window trim

Window and door trim frame the interior perimeter of windows and doors. These wood trims are used to conceal ragged edges of drywall and/or plaster around your doors and windows. This type of trim can also sharpen the look of your windows and doors, making them stand out. Using a white door and window trim looks beautiful against walls that are painted rich colours. This type of trim can also be used to cover any exposed edges of windows and entry doors framing.
All doors and windows need a trim. It is essential and often referred to as casing or moulding.
Window and door trim is typically interchangeable. Trim can almost look like it is a seamless part of the door or window, this is achieved when it is nailed tightly to the framing and then painted. Door trims are usually painted using a semi-gloss or gloss to ensure that fingerprints are can be easily washed off. You can also purchase door and window trim as kits.
Windows and doors replacement – is an important process. Install trim for windows and doors should professionals.

Chair rail

Chair rail refers to a thin horizontal strip of wood trim, the trim goes all around a room at about waist height. It is designed to protect your walls from being damaged by chairs bumping into them. In a dining room, a chair rail trim can really dress up the room. Chair rail trim can be mounted over wainscoting or it can stand alone. This is not a very common type of wood trim, it is mostly found in houses built in a more traditional style Chair rail trip is not essential, but can be a nice addition to have.

Crown moulding

Crown moulding refers to a horizontal strip of interior wood trim. It runs along the very top of the walls at the place where the wall and ceiling meet. Crown moulding is particularly useful for covering up bad drywalling work or plasterwork at the top of a wall. Its benefits are more aesthetic than functional, it makes a room look good. Crown moulding is typically painted using the same colour as the ceiling as opposed to the wall. This trim is installed at a 45-degree angle using both cope joints and mitered joints.


A baseboard is a functional as well as decorative type of wood trim running along the base of walls. It provides a visual stop to the wall while keeping any dirt from getting beneath the walls. Baseboards are also useful for preventing insects from entering the house. Aesthetically, they bring beauty to the otherwise ragged bottom edge of a wall. They also have the purpose of preventing the bottom edge of the wall from breaking.
Baseboards are usually in 2 to 8 inches in height, you can always find higher base moulding though. It comes in one piece or it can be either built-up using separate pieces. Thinner baseboards are the simplest to curve to walls. Using thicker baseboards, however, can be more attractive as a design feature. They are available in polystyrene, bare wood, primed wood and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). You will usually need to add quarter-round at the base of the baseboard in order to cover the gap between the floor and the baseboard.

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